How to Clean Your Dentures and Prevent Bacteria From Building Up

Dentures are not good as natural teeth. However, it helps in meeting aesthetics and functions for many people. The best solution for fallen teeth is to get implants but implants are more expensive or not possible due to heath issues … Continued

How does smoking cigarettes result in dental implant failure?

When it comes to crucial developments in dentistry, the dental implant placement procedure makes it in the list of top five. Implants help individuals to regain their lost chewing power, jaw support, and in controlling facial sagging. The credit for … Continued

Can Veneers and Lumineers bring your teeth in shape before braces?

Veneers or braces based treatments are two of the most preferred corrective procedures around the world. Both are different forms of treatment that help in correcting multiple issues faced by the patient. Veneers There are several procedures to reshape odd-looking … Continued

What are the treatment options for deep cavities and related teeth damage?

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Also referred to as caries or tooth decay, dental cavities are holes or tiny openings on the tooth enamel. Tooth decay happens to be one of the world’s most reported dental issues. It affects individuals from every age group. Some … Continued

What are the advantages of CEREC over regular teeth restoration techniques?

Some restorative treatments require multiple visits to the dental office. It proves to be a great inconvenience, especially for individuals who have dental phobia. Thankfully, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology is helping dentists to expedite orthodontics, implantology, … Continued