Here’re Factors That Play a Crucial Role in The Tooth Structure

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According to the (WHO) World Health Organization’s data, oral diseases cause pain and discomfort to a considerable percentage of individuals around the world. A whopping 3.58 billion persons around the globe suffer due to tooth decay. The periodontal gum disease … Continued

How Can Gastrointestinal Disorders Affect Your Teeth?

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Teeth related pain results in loss of sleep, and concentration while at work. It is common knowledge that infected tooth or tooth loss can affect a person’s ability to eat. However, there is lesser awareness regarding how the digestive system … Continued

The Many Benefits of Tooth Polishing and Why You Should Get Teeth Polished

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A beautiful smile with white aligned teeth can work wonders for your personality. You feel confident at work and in social circles. Cosmetic dentistry offers a way to help you get that beautiful smile with polished white teeth. Know all … Continued

What’s the Difference between the Basic Routine and Advanced Dental Cleaning Procedures?

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Regular flossing and tooth brushing with usual toothpaste cannot help in eliminating certain bacteria. In some cases, brushing does not affect the tartar or plaque accumulated on teeth at all. Remember, unattended bacteria left within multiple gaps release toxins that … Continued