Everything you should know about teeth whitening

Thinking about teeth whitening? Have too many questions in mind? More and more people are taking advantage of the dental industry’s advancements to make their smile better. Improved self-esteem with a beautiful smile, entices people to go for teeth whitening. … Continued

Do children brush for 30 seconds or less? How much time should kids spend on cleaning teeth?

Kids should be taught to follow proper oral hygiene habits as soon as they turn two. Insufficient cleaning leads to the formation of plaque, and ignoring the same ultimately leads to gingivitis. Parents must ensure that children brush their teeth … Continued

What’s the Difference between the Basic Routine and Advanced Dental Cleaning Procedures?

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Regular flossing and tooth brushing with usual toothpaste cannot help in eliminating certain bacteria. In some cases, brushing does not affect the tartar or plaque accumulated on teeth at all. Remember, unattended bacteria left within multiple gaps release toxins that … Continued