Why is using a mouthguard important for kids participating in contact sports?

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and boxing-related injuries cause most emergency room visits involving athletes under the age of 19. Every year, 3 to 11 percent of school kids end up in hospitals with some or the other kind of sport-related … Continued

Here is what tooth fairy wants you to know about baby teeth

For generations, after generations, the function of the tooth fairy is the same. We all know those baby teeth fall after a certain period. It is also known as “milk teeth”. These deciduous teeth or child’s teeth play a crucial … Continued

Which are the dental treatments and services that pediatric dentists provide?

The efforts towards maintaining good oral health throughout our lives should begin from childhood. Parents must take their kids to a dental office for regular check-ups and help them in maintaining good dental health. Pediatric dentists offer services like oral … Continued