Here is what tooth fairy wants you to know about baby teeth

Here is what tooth fairy wants you to know about baby teeth

For generations, after generations, the function of the tooth fairy is the same. We all know those baby teeth fall after a certain period. It is also known as “milk teeth”. These deciduous teeth or child’s teeth play a crucial role in the digestive system of the baby. The more one will chew the food in the mouth the more it will get digested.

The first tooth usually starts pushing out from the mouth between 4 months to 7 months. This is a high period when one should take utmost care of the teeth. There may be some delay between the eruption time of the teeth. It mainly depends from baby to baby.

What is the eruption time of a baby?

We all know that dental care for children is very important and it should be taken right from childhood. Babies have a total of 20 primary teeth inside the mouth. 10 is present in the upper jaw while the remaining 10 is present in the lower jaw. What are the different types of teeth? These are molar, incisors, canines. Different types of teeth have a different set of eruption time.

Incisor teeth erupts when the baby is around 6 months to 12 months old. Canines erupt when the age of the baby varies from 16 to 21 months old. On the other side, the first molar erupts between 12 to 19 months and the second molar erupts between 25 to 31 months old.  The whole development of the teeth depends upon the growth of the baby.

A baby may suffer from various types of health changes when there is an eruption of teeth. The most common among them are drooling, fever, stomach ache, irritations, loose motions etc. However, one can also contact a paediatrician who can suggest some remedies to solve the matter.

Description of teeth eruption process:

It is an interesting matter to gather good information about the teeth eruption process of the child. The subject of children dentistry is also vital and should be given special preference. When the baby is born there are no teeth in his mouth. As time passes and the child attains four months of age parents can notice the development of some 4 teeth. In this way, the whole process continues from 2 to 3 years when the baby gets all the teeth.

Primary teeth are always bright and whiter in colour than the other ones. They are also smaller in size than the rest ones. The first two incisors develop in the lower jaw and the upper aw experiences both teeth in pairs. As soon as the baby crosses 4 years of age he experiences expanding of the facial bones and jaws of the teeth. This creates a space between the primary teeth and the permanent one.

The baby can experience a different set of experiences and problems when the teeth start to erupt.

Helpful guidelines for a healthy tooth of a baby:

It is always important and vital to follow the advice of the pediatric dentist during this time. It matters a lot especially when your little one is facing some issues during the period of eruption of teeth.

  • It is important to use a thin and fresh white cloth for wiping the teeth of your baby especially when he is having his food.  This will not allow the germs to grow inside the teeth. The piece of cloth should be soft enough for the teeth.
  • Once the child develops all the primary teeth look into the matter that he brushes his teeth twice in a day. The brushing should be done properly. The parents should help them while brushing the teeth and afterwards when he attains 5 to 6 years old he can do it himself.
  • Try to use toothpaste that has a good content of fluoride as it helps to build strong teeth. It is always good for the teeth of the little ones.
  • Gums are a common problem for babies. If it is noticed that the baby is experiencing gums parents should use their fingers to wash the teeth. With this, the baby will get some comfort.
  • The cavity is the greatest enemy of the teeth. If there has been a slight introduction of the cavity make sure to contact with the dentist. Follow the instructions of the dentist and work accordingly so that the problem can be solved right from the early stage.
  • Never give or provide too much sweetening products to your baby. They are a great source of cavities. Foods like cold drinks, chocolates and sweets always invite the cavities if the mouth is not washed properly soon after the consumption of such items.
  • Many people use pacifiers for their babies. But never try to use honey or any other sweet products on the pacifiers as that may directly affect the teeth. Try to use pacifiers that are simple and does not contain any such flavours.
  • Primary teeth are never strong and hardy unlike the permanent teeth so try to avoid giving foods that can damage the babies’ teeth. Always give him soft and easy things that can be easily chewed by him. If the baby is putting hard toys inside he mouth stop it immediately as it may damage the teeth within a short moment. 
  • Teach your baby to take utmost care of the teeth right from the tender age. This must be included and adopted as a habit. 

It can be well said from the above discussion that teeth are a precious organ of the human body and everyone should take care of it. Some advanced steps can also be adopted among the kids. Remember if dental problems start right from childhood it can continue for the whole life. So, one should always induce some basic things about taking good care of the teeth. This can solve a lot of dental issues.