Which are the dental treatments and services that pediatric dentists provide?

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The efforts towards maintaining good oral health throughout our lives should begin from childhood. Parents must take their kids to a dental office for regular check-ups and help them in maintaining good dental health.

Pediatric dentists offer services like oral examination, dental sealants, tooth filling, nutrition counselling, teeth cleaning, and a root canal for children. Let’s take a look at details concerning some of the procedures.

Oral examination can be the best precautionary measure

Experts recommend parents take the child for a dental check-up immediately after the kid’s first birthday. A skilled dental care specialist checks the child’s teeth and gums for any signs of cavities or disease. In case of any issues, the dentist makes a treatment plan to recover the damage. He or she also works with the paediatrician for recommending diet changes.

Dental cleaning for children

Depending on the oral examination results, the dentist may recommend parents to let their child undergo dental cleaning.

Baby teeth remain more vulnerable to harmful bacteria if the child does not follow proper brushing habits. Plaque, tartar, and other debris can get accumulated on the baby teeth. Once hardened, the debris cannot be removed with simple brushing. Professional dental cleaning with the help of cleaning solutions and tools can help in getting rid of this stuff and improving your child’s oral health.

The process also helps in protecting the baby’s teeth and gums from gum diseases. If necessary, the dentist would recommend the use of advanced oral hygiene products, including mouthwash, and dietary adjustments.

Dental sealant for children

Sealants are recommended for baby teeth as well as permanent ones. They need to be applied on the cavity inclined surfaces like grooves and deep pits on the teeth. The plastic resin solution can be painted on the tooth surface; it bonds to the surface and hardens in a few minutes. It protects the surface from plaque and acids that can cause cavities, resulting in dental decay.

Dentists love sealants as the process for applying the same is simple, and the child’s tooth remains protected as long as the sealant remains intact.

Treatment for gum disease in children

As mentioned earlier, if the child fails to follow proper hygiene habits, he or she can end up facing gum disease, inflammation along the gum line. Problems linked to diet and genetics can also cause gum disease. Pediatric dentists can detect gum disease in the early stage and suggest diet changes, professional cleaning, or surgical intervention for saving the child’s gums.

Root canal procedure for kids

The AAPD- American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests parents take their child at a dental office as soon as the baby’s first tooth erupts. Regular check-ups are crucial for ensuring plaque does not remain unnoticed and turn into cavities or tooth decay. If ignored, the infection can reach the baby tooth pulp chamber.

If the cavity has reached the tooth nerve, there is no other option except for removing the same. Thus, in case if the decay damages a considerable part of the baby tooth and nerve, the dentist may recommend a root canal.

As a part of the baby root canal procedure, the dentist removes the part of the decayed portion of the tooth and the affected nerve. The gap inside the tooth is filled with a medicated material. Then, he or she would cover the remaining part of the tooth with a crown. The process is also recommended in case if the tooth is damaged due to a sports-related injury.

Root canal procedure is absolutely safe for children when performed by an experienced dentist. The material used for filling the chamber is biocompatible; thus, it does not cause any harm.

Baby tooth plays a crucial role by holding the space for the permanent tooth. Thus, dentists recommend the procedure for saving the child’s tooth and controlling the infection from spreading further. The process reduces the pain and restores the child’s eating ability. Plus, there won’t be any need to consume painkilling medication.

General anesthesia for children

Like in adults, even children who do not respond well to laughing gas might require advanced sedation. Pediatric dental anesthesia specialists are trained in helping kids feel relaxed while undergoing dental procedures. Depending on the type of injury, patient’s age, or the dental process the child needs, the dental care experts can select the most suitable, safe sedation method out of a variety of options. All the procedures are performed as per the state, federal government, and ADA guidelines. So, there is no need for the parents to worry about their child’s safety.

Emergency pediatric dental treatment

Not just adults, but even kids who take part in sports activities can end up with trauma or injury involving teeth. Pediatric dental emergencies like severe toothaches, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth need urgent attention. Dentists who are experts in handling pediatric dental emergencies can conduct a proper check-up, offer pain-killers, and save the damaged tooth with appropriate treatment immediately.

Immediate treatment is the only option for saving the tooth and reducing the risk of further damage.

Pediatric dentists can recommend the best mouth guards

Parents appreciate whenever their kids show interest in playing football, basketball, bicycling, and participating in organized sports. Physical activities offer excellent health benefits. However, parents must ensure their child takes appropriate precautions to avoid the possibility of getting injured.

As per the ADA, wearing a mouthguard is a must for players while playing baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, bicycling, wrestling, and skateboarding. The organization also suggests that individuals who do not use a mouthguard while playing these sports remain 60 percent more vulnerable to dental injuries compared to those who wear the same.

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