Is there a link between the immune system and oral health? Can the immune system create cavities?

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The link between an individual’s overall health and oral health is undeniable. Various studies conducted during the last two decades have helped in establishing the same. Diabetic complications, dementia, lung condition, and heart condition have been associated with dental health … Continued

Do children brush for 30 seconds or less? How much time should kids spend on cleaning teeth?

Kids should be taught to follow proper oral hygiene habits as soon as they turn two. Insufficient cleaning leads to the formation of plaque, and ignoring the same ultimately leads to gingivitis. Parents must ensure that children brush their teeth … Continued

Here’re crucial factors about gum disease and its treatment options

The inflammation of the gum line due to bacterial growth in the mouth is referred to as gum disease. The condition is one of the most common oral health issues in the United States. It is often present in the … Continued

Which questions to ask your dentist before your child go under sedation?

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Young children are vulnerable to have dental problems. If a child is having dental pain or infection it needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Sometimes, dental surgery is required to cure the problem, and … Continued