8 Steps to Improve Your Gnashers Before Christmas

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Christmas is almost at the doorstep. Like most Americans, you plan to celebrate both with your loved ones. And why not? After all, the pandemic gutted last year’s celebrations.

During your meeting, the first thing people will notice about you is your smile. So, should teeth whitening treatment be a part of your “things to do” list? How do you plan to maintain that shine? No worries. We have created this list of steps to ensure you have a perfect party smile.

1. Not “on the rocks”

Almost everyone enjoys a few cocktails during the festive season. So, you might end up chewing on a lot of ice with these drinks.

Ice can trigger immense pain within seconds. Your favorite cocktail combined with ice cubes can turn into a health risk. Thus, it’s best to steer clear of ice if your teeth are sensitive.

You don’t wish to end up with cracked or fractured teeth, do you? Think twice before chewing on ice if you have crowns or dental fillings.

2. Practice restraint while snacking on sugary foods

Christmas is synonymous with a bottomless pile of treats. Even those who plan to practice restraint end up almost continuously grazing. Unfortunately, the constant sugar intake damages your smile.

Do you think you can control the damage by breaking sugary foods into pieces and eating throughout the day? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Data suggests whenever you eat sugar, the bacteria in the mouth creates acid that triggers dental decay. So it’s not the volume of sugar but the frequency.

What’s the solution? Eat sweets in one go rather than small portions throughout the day.

3. Prevent stains

Many drinks and food items consumed during festive seasons result in stains on teeth. The list includes species, wine, soda, tea, and coffee. These items contain deeply pigmented molecules that easily stick to the enamel surface.

It certainly won’t be possible to stop their consumption. Yet, to prevent more staining, eating or drinking such items in lesser quantities can help. You can also consider drinking tea, coffee, and other liquids with a straw.

Don’t let these stains or dark liquid remain on teeth surfaces for longer. Always rinse your mouth with mouthwash after consuming these items.

4. Clean your tongue daily

The tongue has nothing to do with your appearance. But, a great smile combined with the smelly breath is a deadly combination.

Toothbrush bristles often fail to clean tongue surfaces. In comparison, a tongue cleaner has rigid edges to do the job.

Use u-shaped tongue scrapers to clean the tongue surface. Add it to your daily routine, preferably after tooth brushing.

5. Don’t forget your oral hygiene routine

You can find several excuses for not brushing or flossing twice a day during the festive season. But remember, the debris and food particles can quickly turn into plaque or decay.

Besides healthy teeth, flossing and brushing ensure fresh breath. So why not spend just two minutes in front of the mirror?

6. Opt for scaling and polishing

Dental clinics offer scaling and polishing procedures to help patients with dental surface stains and plaque. Dentists and oral hygienists scrape away tartar and extrinsic stains. Professionals also polish the teeth to ensure they remain smooth and shiny.

A thorough scrub and polish combined with deep cleaning can ensure your oral health remains superb. Visit your dental clinic for scaling and polishing at least once in six months. The process helps prevent and control gum diseases from becoming severe.

7. Composite bonding

Composite bonding is one of the procedures performed for both cosmetic reasons and restoring tooth structure.

Non-invasive therapy is also known as dental bonding and tooth bonding. Post-procedure, all your teeth will look identical, and of course, white.

Composite bonding helps in:
  • Fixing discoloration
  • Fixing gaps between teeth
  • Treating dental fractures
  • Correcting the tooth’s position

The first step is smoothing your teeth’ surface. Then, it’s covered with a special colored resin. Next, professionals use a specialized light source to shape the material on the surface. There is no need to administer local anesthesia.

If you have been waiting for months to perfect your smile, this is the best time to opt for composite bonding. It’s one of the most performed processes before the party season.

8. Express or laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a professional and most advanced therapy to get back those pearly whites. The service is offered by clinics equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology.

First, your dental surgeon will apply the gel or bleach to each tooth. Then, a special pen-like laser is used for activating the molecules in the gel. These molecules slowly remove the stains from the tooth surface. Your dental health professional will repeat the process until your teeth reach the desired white shade.

Some clinics use a special light instead of a laser. The process is known as Zoom, Express, or Power whitening.

You might wonder, why spend money on laser whitening at a clinic rather than using DIY kits? There’s a vast difference in results and the time required for the process. Home whitening kits are no match for professional service.

Unsure about choosing dental whitening treatment?

There are a variety of options to get that gracious smile back. If you are in Roswell (GA), connect with TruCare Dentistry. Let us examine your teeth and suggest the best options.