What are the advantages of CEREC over regular teeth restoration techniques?

Advantages of CEREC

Some restorative treatments require multiple visits to the dental office. It proves to be a great inconvenience, especially for individuals who have dental phobia. Thankfully, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology is helping dentists to expedite orthodontics, implantology, and restorative treatments.

Put simply, the CEREC tooth restoration technology enables dentists to create precise bridges, onlays, inlays, veneers, and crowns out of a single ceramics block within minutes. Developed by American dental equipment manufacturer, Dentsply Sirona, the technology has advanced several levels since its launch in September 1985. The cumbersome process of creating plaster models, sending them over to the labs, and waiting for the final product to be shipped is eliminated. But, only a selected few dental offices have adapted this fascinating technology.

What is a CEREC implant restoration? Why choose CEREC?

The void space formed as a result of tooth extraction needs to be filled as soon as possible to avoid face-sagging as well as preventing nearby teeth from changing position. The traditional implant procedure is lengthy and requires visiting the dental office multiple times every month. On the other hand, dentists can complete the job in a single visit with CEREC dental implants in certain situations.

CEREC technology involves the use of computer-aided manufacturing. Impressions are taken digitally with scanners (optical impression) within minutes. The CEREC software uses CAD manufacturing unit (milling machine) or a 3D printer to create perfectly fit implant restoration and filling material.

A study was conducted by Germany-based Witten/Herdecke University to assess the longevity of advanced CAD-CAM restorations done at a qualified dental expert’s office. It pointed out that after ten years; these restorations remain in the same condition as cast gold restorations. Results for this research are available at the US National Library of Medicine.

Advantages of CEREC dental restoration

  • CEREC dental crowns are created within lesser time compared to the traditional ones.
  • From prosthetic planning, capturing digital impressions, producing individual abutments to placing implants as a part of guided surgery, all these procedures are performed accurately and efficiently. Thus, there is lesser scope for errors.
  • There is no need to wait when it comes to restoring chewing abilities. The patient can visit the office in the morning, complete the procedure, and walk out with confidence during the afternoon with the restoration placed accurately. Besides accuracy, they are aesthetically pleasing as well.

Like traditional implant restoration, CEREC ones are permanent and durable as well. Patients can speak normally after placing these restorations.

  • Patients can even watch how the cutting machine creates a new crown or implant components.

CEREC crowns instead of traditional options

When it comes to repairing broken, misshapen, decayed, or compromised teeth, dental crowns can be the perfect solution for bolstering tooth strength. They are also used for covering the dental bridge, implant, or tooth that has undergone a root canal.

Getting the usual crown in place requires two to three visits to the dental office. As a part of the first stage, the tooth needs to be prepared, and a temporary crown needs to be placed until the permanent one arrives from the lab. Overall, the process can take up to three weeks.

But on the other hand, the CEREC crown process is simple. Dentists take digital scans, impressions, x-rays, and process the same using CEREC software. It creates a virtual design for restoration, and digitally forwards it to the CAD milling machine for creating a physical crown within minutes. The cover made from ceramic material can be installed immediately on the prepared tooth after completing the shade match, polishing process.

Types of CEREC crowns

Most of the dentists prefer CEREC crowns made from ceramic materials. However, besides zirconia, even porcelain, Emax or resin can be used for dental prosthesis creation.

Unfortunately, a lesser number of dental offices offer one-visit dental crowns.

Advantages of CEREC dental crowns

  • The digital imaging and accurate manufacturing technology make sure the final product looks great and offers a real tooth-like feeling.
  • CEREC crowns can last for anywhere between five to fifteen years.
  • Dental offices do not need to outsource the component manufacturing to third party laboratories.
  • The process can be completed within 2 to 5 hours. There’s no need to wait for three to six weeks anymore.
  • Dentists also save time and help more patients due to single-visit restorations.
  • Crown is created within minutes using the in-house milling unit. The need to place a temporary restoration also gets eliminated.


CEREC technology-powered milling and grinding units can also manufacture veneers, onlays, inlays, bridges, clear aligners, and abutments. Dentists can take impressions quickly and precisely. Then, create a 3D model with the scanned data for the patient’s dental arch. The software guides the professional while he or she uses the intraoral camera for scanning. The 3D model can be used for a variety of orthodontic applications.

The technology has also managed to create a strong fan base amongst dental care experts who work on clear aligners. CEREC method helps in accurately capturing natural teeth size measurements. Thus, the clear aligner trays created using the milling machine match precisely with the structure and position of the patient’s affected teeth.

Some patients delay their dental treatment due to lack of time. Completing the procedure in a single visit can help them in avoiding severe complications in the future.

Insurance companies tag some dental care procedures as cosmetic and do not cover their costs. If you plan to undergo a single visit restoration under insurance coverage, it is advisable first to check if procedures that you wish to undergo are covered.

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