Here’re the best options for fast, safe and effective teeth whitening in Roswell

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Teeth whitening

Teeth discoloration can be triggered due to several reasons like aging, reaction to medication, tobacco consumption, illness, dental injury, consuming too much of black coffee, wine, or coke. Tooth whitening is the best option for dealing with discoloration. Patients have multiple options for getting that lost, amazing white smile back. 

Opting for whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste contains chemical and polishing agents and special abrasives that help remove the tooth surface stains. Such paste is a finer version of the usual toothpaste and does not result in enamel erosion while brushing. They can make the teeth just one shade lighter compared to other methods.

Over-the-counter gels and whitening strips 

Professional whitening products manage to offer better results due to their ability to reach deep in the tooth surface and lighten the color. Gels need to be applied directly to the tooth surface for around 14 days, resulting in a significant change of shade. 

Whitening strips, on the other hand, are coated with whitening or peroxide gels. These pieces need to be placed on the teeth for thirty minutes daily. Apply these strips on the teeth for 14 days, and get results that are as good as those provided by whitening toothpaste.

Use over-the-counter whitening rinses

Hydrogen peroxide-based whitening rinses can whiten the teeth as well as reduce gum disease and plaque. Just swish your mouth with the solution for sixty seconds daily before brushing for fresh breath and whiter teeth. However, whitening rinses may take 12 weeks to show the results. The method is considered as less effective than other over-the-counter whitening products. 

Special whitening trays 

Trays are mouth guard-like devices filled with a peroxide-bleaching agent. The patient needs to wear them a few hours a day for four weeks or longer. 

The patient can purchase over-the-counter whitening trays from chemists or dentists. Dental care experts recommend tray-whitening kits depending on the level of discoloration. Those sold at pharmacies are in generic sizes and may not fit correctly. On the other hand, the ones that dental care experts provide are custom made for the patient’s teeth. So, they fit correctly and give better results as the bleaching agent remains in contact with the right portion of the teeth. 

In-office whitening procedures 

In-office whitening is considered as the best and reliable option. Cost-wise, it is on the higher side than other options; however, results are worth the investment. Professionals apply whitening products on the teeth and expose them to a special laser, light, or a heat source. The procedure takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes and can make the teeth up to eight shades lighter. Results last longer in comparison to those achieved by over-the-counter whitening trays, toothpaste, etc. 

Advantages of professional teeth whitening 

At-home products may give a decent outcome to some patients. However, there are some negative aspects of skipping a visit to the dental clinic.  

If the patient keeps the whitening gel on the teeth for a longer time than recommended, he or she can experience sensitivity, pain, and dental issues. On the other hand, using them for lesser than recommended time may result in unimpressive aesthetic outcomes.

Whitening procedure is simple and happens to be one of the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dentists use a more robust peroxide solution and other materials at the clinic. Plus, the heat from special light, laser assists in intensifying the whitening effects. Patients can expect their teeth to become three to eight shades brighter after the treatment period.

DIY projects may not be the most suitable for patients with other dental issues 

Before starting the whitening process, dental care experts examine the teeth and gums for plaque, tartar, cavities, and gum infection. If required, dentists perform cleaning procedures to ensure the surfaces and gums are clean and infection-free. They also fill up holes to ensure there’s nothing that can damage the teeth from within after whitening the same.

Dentists cover gums and lips before applying the whitening gel. Stains from certain food items can manage to penetrate deep in the enamel. The gel and specially designed light/laser reduce the discoloration of teeth by breaking up these stains. Even (dark) stained teeth can be whitened with the help of advanced KöR Whitening and Zoom in-office Whitening systems used by dentists.

Dentists also provide bleaching gel and specially designed take-home trays to patients for touch up care.

Professional whitening at the dental clinic takes an hour or less. Results last longer if the patient maintains proper eating drinking habits. On the other hand, DIY options may need several weeks of tray usage for visible results. 

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