Can dental grills affect the user’s oral health?

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Effect of Dental Grills on Oral Health

Dental grills are also known as fronts and Grillz. These removable covers are made from gold, silver, and cheaper metals as well. Some hip hop artists started wearing them during their public appearances and music videos back in the 80s, and rest is history. Grillz can be snapped over one or more teeth. No doubt, the dental grill can prove to be perfect for covering chipped or stained teeth. But they have their set of disadvantages as well.

Plaque formation and other damages

Dental fronts can result in chipped teeth, gum recession, and abrasion to adjoining teeth. Wearing grills while sleeping can also result in damage to the enamel on the opposing teeth.

Fronts look great, but besides allergic reactions, there are other risks associated with wearing the same. One of the most significant problems triggered by dental grills is plaque formation. It is common knowledge that several food particles are left in the mouth after eating. If left unattended, the harmful bacteria present in the mouth can convert these particles into plaque. Unfortunately, Grills often prevent proper brushing and cleaning. Thus, they create an unhealthy bacteria-friendly environment in the mouth.

Persons with dental problems need proper cleaning after every meal, and individuals with grills often avoid cleaning as they do not wish to remove the dental cover. Grill users can end up with decayed teeth, gingivitis, and other issues in the gingival margin if they fail to take appropriate care.

In some cases, dentists suggest patients stay away from grills altogether to avoid dental diseases and infections that are hard to detect.

Material related allergies

The device remains in the mouth for several hours daily. Thus, the materials used in manufacturing grills need to be under the spotlight.

Gold and platinum dental fronts are appreciated and preferred the world over as they are safe and non-allergic. On the other hand, users who opt for covers made from non-precious metals, crystals, and semi-precious gemstones often complain about allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Inexpensive and lightweight alloys are used for manufacturing Grillz. For example, nickel is used in making some silver grills to keep their cost lower. However, users develop allergic reactions when they wear such jewelry. They form an oral infection after wearing dental covers made from low quality, cheap materials. Grillz made from such materials are not considered safe, and they can trigger inflammation of gums, teeth discoloration as well.

Gold can be the best option

A good quality gold cover can last longer than a porcelain crown. If placed appropriately, it does not cause any adverse effects on oral or overall health. Gold is a non-reactive metal and does not rust or corrode like cobalt alloys or chromium.

Crowns or covers made from gold are resistant to erosion. Its antibacterial properties can help in increasing tooth longevity by controlling the formation of secondary cavities. Gold cover can get a good resale value even if it needs to be replaced in the future.

Gold is often tagged as one of the safest materials for dental restoration due to its biocompatibility.

Oral health tips for grill users

  • Food and other debris can accumulate between the teeth and grill, resulting in the accumulation of acid-producing bacteria. These acids can result in tooth decay and gum tissue damage. Thus, removing Grillz and brushing remains crucial.
  • Dentists recommend grill users to brush with anti-microbial toothpaste daily.
  • Dental care experts advise users to remove dental fronts before eating and rinse their mouth thoroughly before wearing the same.
  • Remember, a tattoo shop may not be the best place for fitting dental cover. People who get the job done from non-licensed professionals may end up with dental and health problems. Grillz lovers should avoid getting dental fronts from grill vendors or jewelers and get the work done from a dentist. They take proper impressions of the teeth to be covered and recommend the most suitable material after considering the patient’s overall health history.
  • Removable dental fronts can be excellent. However, altering the teeth for fitting gold crowns or attaching them with glue meant for external use can be disastrous. They can also damage the tissues surrounding the teeth.
  • Potential problems can be kept away by removing the dental front while sleeping, eating, brushing teeth. Most importantly, users should not skip regular flossing and brushing.
  • Dental care experts recommend users wear removable grills for a minimum number of hours. Clean the grill only with cleaners or solutions that are not dangerous to ingest.

If you are considering getting dental grills, you should speak to your dentist first. The professional would give the right suggestion and help ensure that dental fronts do not turn into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. If you wish to consult with a dental office that provides the best dental care in Roswell, you should book an appointment at TruCare Dentistry.