Can Electric Toothbrushes Whiten Teeth?

Can Electric Toothbrushes Whiten Teeth

A smile is the first thing a person notices when they look at someone. It is the first impression a person gets over the other. People work hard and follow several tips and tricks to make their smile brighter every single day.

Due to our food habits and lifestyles, stains develop on teeth. If one takes precautions, then these yellowish stains can disappear.

From standard toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes are now available for everyone in the market. Electric toothbrushes can whiten teeth’s efficiently.

Reasons for Stains on Teeth

A stain on teeth is caused due to a couple of reasons. It is classified into two types including intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains from within the tooth and extrinsic stains imply on the surface of the tooth. It is essential to understand what causes stains to a non-smoker’s tooth.

More consumption of cool drinks like Coca-Cola, thumbs up, and many more, cause damage to protecting layers of a tooth and lead to extrinsic stains.

If people are under medications for an extended period, some medicines might discolor their teeth. So people begin to worry that even if they do not consume coffee or tea any artificial drinks why they have yellow teeth.

Coming to smokers, even a child knows that due to consumption of tobacco and smoking cigarettes causes their teeth to be yellowish.

Are Electric Toothbrushes more Superior Compared to Manual Ones?

Few basic questions asked by many people around the world are doing electric toothbrushes clean better? How much difference do they make, and is it worth spending money on them?

We brush our teeth for many reasons: to feel fresh and confident, to have a beautiful white smile, to avoid bad breath, and also to avoid disease. All these are made possible because when we brush, we remove and reduce the amount of plaque in our mouth.

Dental plaque is caused by bacteria that form mainly at the g`um line. If we don’t remove it, it can be damaging to your oral health. Many types of research have shown that because tooth brushing can mechanically remove plaque. Therefore it can help with prevention of gum disease and also prevent dental cavities if used together with fluoride toothpaste.

Both types of toothbrushes work the same, but one wants the best out of them both.

Some research has shown that an electric toothbrush cleans your teeth slightly better, although not by a lot.

Pros of using Electric toothbrush

1. It is more effective at removing plaque.

2. It is easier for people with limited manual dexterity, for example people with carpal tunnels, arthritis, and developmental disabilities.

3. Built-in timers (usually 2 minutes) and pressure sensors can help make sure that you are brushing your teeth for a minimum of two minutes.  Make sure that you are using the right amount of force on the teeth.

Cons of using an Electric toothbrush

1. Electric toothbrushes are more costly than normal brushes. One needs to consider the cost of replacing brush heads and batteries.

2. Some portable versions require charging, and some plug-in versions may not be easily transportable, making it less travel-friendly.

Pros of using Manual toothbrushes

1. As far as manual toothbrushes are concerned, they are affordable and accessible. One can buy them at any drugstore or any pharmacy.

Cons of using Manual toothbrushes

1. Its effectiveness at cleaning is heavily dependent on the user.

2. Major problem is a lot of people do not know how to brush their teeth entirely.

3. A study says that people are likely to brush too hard if they’re using a manual toothbrush, leading to gum recession and tooth wear.

Tips to Prevent Teeth Staining

There are many things like tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, and others that can stain white teeth. To prevent teeth from staining follow the below tips:

Tip 1 – Use a Straw. It prevents the substance from contacting your teeth.

Tip 2 – Make sure you rinse after drinking your coffee/ tea/ other.

Tip 3 – Make sure you brush and floss.

Tip 4 – Use an electric toothbrush like sonic hair, Sensodyne, or oral-B.

Tip 5 – Use whitening toothpaste.

Final Verdict

Choosing a toothbrush is mostly a matter of personal preference, affordability, and also a professional recommendation. 

Electric toothbrushes may appeal to some because they represent a ‘high-tech’ solution to an everyday task. But it all lies down to how much you are willing to invest into your teeth.

If you have the extra money and would love the additional features in an electric toothbrush, then you can consider getting one. However, if you are limited financially, then it doesn’t make sense to splurge. You can use a manual toothbrush but make sure that you are using it correctly. If you are still in the dilemma of buying electric toothbrushes feel free to get in touch with TruCare Dentistry Roswell.