What Is Dental Trauma And Its Treatment?

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Dental trauma (DT) is a broader term used to describe the injury to the oral cavity. The term describes any trauma to the periodontium, teeth, and adjoining tissue.
DT can be caused due to motor vehicle accidents, fist fights, eating the hard foodstuff, and also as a result of sporting injuries. According to studies, dental trauma can cause serious health issues if left untreated.

Patients should opt for immediate clinical evaluation of the injuries. DT includes injuries like teeth fractures, tooth avulsion, lateral luxation (minor tooth displacement), injuries to the maxillofacial bones, etc. A maxillofacial surgeon or dentist can determine the extent of the damage after examining the wounds.
In case of severe injuries, besides, x-rays, experts often recommend patients go for a full face, neck, and head examination. Panoramic radiography, periapical radiography, and CT scan for maxillofacial bones, neck, as well as head, can be suggested depending on the severity of the injury. X-rays and other tests are essential.

What Are The Treatment Options?

The oral cavity or mouth is more complex medically due to its proximity to the head, nose, and throat. That’s why there is a separate field of study dedicated to it. DT and its management are classified into the following four more extensive sections.

Trauma To Teeth

Also known as tooth fractures, they are further subclassified into enamel infraction, enamel-dentine fracture, complex tooth fracture, and root fracture.

The procedures for the treatment of tooth fractures depend upon the nature of the trauma presented. If the injury is serious, it will undoubtedly call for intensive surgery.
Something like the chipping of the tooth will only require minor filling and bonding. In case the tooth is severely damaged, it may require extraction and replacement with a future implant. In some instances, if the nerves are damaged, a root canal treatment might also be necessarily followed by a crown. The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Roswell GA can surely help you get that lost smile back.

Periodontal Trauma

Periodontal trauma is generally classified into subluxation of the tooth, luxation of the tooth, the intrusion of tooth and avulsion of the tooth. For better understanding, subluxation means the tooth got loose. Intrusion means a condition where the tooth is pushed back into the tooth socket, and avulsion means the tooth has been separated from the mouth.
Periodontal trauma is mainly concerned with tooth mobility, and depending on the severity of the injuries, the line of treatment may vary. Generally, in case of correcting the tooth mobility, splinting and occlusal therapy are recommended. Your dentist will be the right person to decide on the course of action.

Alveolar Fractures

Alveolar fractures are injuries or trauma to the supporting tissues. They are further classified into a comminuted fracture of the socket wall, rupture of the socket wall, segmental fracture, fracture of the maxilla, and fracture of the mandible.
Alveolar fractures are severe dental trauma and will necessarily require surgical intervention. Depending upon the injuries and radiological findings, repositioning of the bone along with splinting is inevitable. Please note that in some instances, suturing of soft tissues will also be required to stabilize the wound. The entire healing process might take a few weeks to complete.

Soft Tissue Laceration

Soft tissues surround the entire oral cavity. In the event of dental trauma, it is evident that there could be minor or significant lacerations in the tongue, cheeks, gums, and buccal mucosa.

Treatment of soft tissue laceration in the case of dentistry is highly subjective to the nature of the injury. In case of minor tears, a set of stitches under local anesthesia would suffice, but in case of major accidents where the facial region is under purview. In case of severe trauma such as accidental injury or facial laceration further evaluation and treatment might be necessary with the team of a general dentist, oral surgeon, and plastic surgeon.

Dental trauma is a very complicated scenario, which required a various range of treatment depending on the degree of severity. If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Roswell GA, please visit us at TruCare Dentistry.

Most DT injuries are preventable. Wearing a mouth guard or sports guard during outdoor games, car seat belts, padding sharp table edges, installing stair safety gates, and taking care of potential slipping hazards at home can help in preventing accidents.