What are Dentists’ biggest challenges with Patients?

What are Dentists' biggest challenges with Patients?

Oral health maintenance is one of the crucial challenges people face. Laziness and lack of initiative often initiate the diseases in the teeth. Oral health mainly encompasses non-communicable diseases and if not taken care of can cause massive pain disfigurement and discomfort. Approximately one half of the world population suffer from oral health problems. Most of them face the problem of tooth decay. The severity of oral conditions can even lead to fatal oral cancer. An unhealthy diet comprising a high concentration of sugar and substantial intake of alcohol and tobacco can be great influencers of deterioration of oral health.

Extreme dental phobia

Dental anxiety is a condition where patients are affected by the mixed condition of fear and stress in dental settings. It often results in avoiding and delaying dental treatments and thus can exaggerate even the simplest of dental problems.

Dental anxiety is often triggered by various factors. These might be studied under the following heads.

  • Fear of experiencing pain: The simplest fear is the fear of pain. Patients often get tensed owing to the projection of the pain they would face in the instance of tooth extraction. Stories of the extraction by others add to the horror of the event to a massive scale.
  • Fear of needles and injection: Needles remain a terrifying object for many. No matter how advanced technology goes, the imagination of needles piercing the skin or the mouth is good enough to eradicate a night’s sleep for many.
  • The fear of anaesthesia not working: The ones afraid of dental surgeries are often seen to not be confident of the anaesthesia taking effect. The mental barrier often makes them feel that they can still experience pain.
  • Worries of the anaesthesia having side effects: Some complain of the potential side effects of anaesthesia namely feeling faint, dizzy or nausea. Additionally the “fat lip” and numbness disturbs a certain population of patients.
  • Past traumatic surgical experience: A horrified experience of surgery can be a cause of surgical phobia for patients.
  • Generalised anxiety: People suffering from depression are massively driven by anxiety to get the mouth operated. The idea of a tooth extraction can drive them crazy.

Fear of going to the dentist

The fear of visiting a dentist is termed as Dentophobia. Irrespective of age a good number of individuals suffer from the phobia. Often the condition arises due to the amalgamation of fear of doctors in general, named iatrophobia, and fear of needles, named trypanophobia. The condition might be severe or mild. But if such phobia is not overcome the consequence might be devastating. People with Dentophobia might be afraid of one of the following factors or more.

  • The Dentist himself: Many consider dentists to be personals with minimal feeling. A personal bad encounter with a dentist in particular might be the cause of such a mentality.
  • Gagging or numbness: Individuals with breathing problems or in worst case choking syndrome are often seen to be feared by the condition of their mouth numbed. The fear basically is driven by the thought of not being able to breathe.
  • Pain: Needless to say pain is a thing that no human in any form wishes to feel. A dental surgery 100% free of pain is not really the option. Until recently there was no other option. The sound of drill is an extreme tool to trigger fear. The sensation of pain seems to be exaggerated with the sound.

Challenges faced by dentists

With technological advancement, the field of dentistry has advanced. Not only medicines have improved and enhanced in number but the dental care regime has also seen massive transformation. Apart from the medical factors various other factors like demographic situation, public policy and consumer right have even transformed. The factors that pose massive challenge to the dentists can be listed as follows.

  • Demographic structure of the population: Demographic structure basically indicates the distribution of the population into various age groups. Lifestyle of personals coupled with food habits robustly influence oral health. Tooth decay and cavity are very common problems these days. Although dealing with young population might be relatively easier, dentists deals a wide number of aged patients with other added health issues. With age the body and the bone structure change. Shrinkage of mouth leads to issues like loose dentures, dry mouth cavity, periodontal disease, and edentulism. The dentist needs to handle aged patients with much more care and patience.
  • Population needs: The need and treatment requirement of a diverse population of people pose great challenge to a dentist. The requirements even cause the trend of the time. Being able to conveniently communicate with the patients is a skill a dentist must possess to be popular in an area.
  • Dental awareness: The lack of awareness among public of the importance of oral and dental health is a factor worth bringing to light. Majority of the population is unaware of the need to go to a dentist. Thus dentists often need to engage in the tedious task of educating and creating awareness.
  • Young working age adults: The cost of dental treatment is not very low in the present time. Additional limited treatment coverage and insurance options have posed great problems for working adults with regard to dental treatment.

Dental Services in Roswell GA

Roswell is the eight largest city placed in Georgia, United States. Dental services in the city are provided with great care utilising modern technology and effective results. The city comprises numerous clinics with highly qualified dentists with years of experience in the field. The following facilities make Roswell a paradise for dental treatment.

The People: Apart from the dentists, the input of the other professionals in the clinic is of equal importance. Needless to say, the hero of the treatment is the dentist. Well qualified, highly proficient and incredibly knowledgeable dentists take charge of the oral treatment of the patients. The range of their treatment is good enough to cover patients of all sorts. The nurses and the helpers are committed to providing care on a one to one basis. Customised and personal treatment causes great client satisfaction. Following checkups and further dental care is taken intricately on a long term basis.
The Service: Neat and clean clinics with a spa-like environment is the first factor contributing to cooling the nerves of the patients. Apart from cavity treatment and tooth extraction, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry of high quality are provided in the city. Enhancing the spark of the smile of patients is what the dental healthcare segment of the city is popular for.
The Convenience: The location of the Roswell GA is good enough for patients to travel to and fro without any inconvenience. The patients without insurance cover are fetched with Internal Program of Wellness. The clinics even are capable of accommodating walk-in patients without prior appointments.
Thus, the challenges faced by dentists are heavy weighted. Be it convincing and educating patients to delivering ample treatment at economical rate and great precision, the list is endless. Nevertheless, the responsibility of bringing back the smile of patients is carried out without fail by the dentists.