Eight Reasons to Not Skip Regular Dentist Appointments

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We all have heard and also preached the idea of getting regular dental check-ups. But not many of us take this advice seriously.

According to the stats by Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index 2014, one-third of American adults skipped going to the dentist in the previous years. Data facts from NCHS found that between 2011 and 2014 over 31.6 percent of adults and 18.6 percent of children had untreated dental caries. While these researches also offer a host of reasons for the serious disparity across age groups, demographics, and socio-cultural factors when it comes to taking dental health seriously, we all know the repercussions are time-consuming and expensive.

Poor oral hygiene is often linked to the risk of other serious health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. And those with affected gum diseases are proven to be predisposed to coronary heart diseases.

As adults, we justify not going to the dentist at least once every six months citing, a lack of time, financial commitments, and anxiety about dental treatments. TruCare Dentistry strives to make dental care easier, less painful, and affordable with minimally invasive treatments and the use of advanced equipment.

Below are some advantages of not skipping dentist appointments and getting check-ups regularly:

  1. Detect and Treat Common Dental Issues: Cavities, excessive plaque development, gum diseases, and age-related dental conditions even affects people who brush and floss regularly. Visiting the dentist at least once every six months helps to detect even the slightest of problems and avert risks of dental issues that can be treated with extensive dental treatment.
  2. Cleaner Gums and Whiter Teeth: Regular dental checkup includes cleaning of teeth and gums which helps in removing plaque and tartar which could potentially create gingivitis and periodontitis. Cleaning and polishing, as well as whitening of the teeth, create whiter and brighter teeth.
  3. Manage Age-influenced Dental Problems: Age-related conditions like loose teeth and receding gums bring down the health of the teeth, making them more vulnerable to damage and the development of serious gum diseases like Gingivitis and periodontitis. Ignoring problems like gum infection or gingivitis can affect the tissue surrounding the teeth and attaching the gums. It can cause bleeding, soreness, and pain. Eventually, the tissue damage causes the gums to weaken and the ability to tightly hold the teeth in place which causes teeth to fall out. Regular dental checks help assess the extent of the problem and treat it beforehand to avoid the issue from aggravating.
  4. Identify Hidden Conditions: Wisdom tooth developing horizontally, tooth decay, tumor growth, cysts formation, and TMJ conditions are hard to assess with the naked eye. Involving experts in Roswell Dental Care helps determine problems beneath the surface using digital X-rays and provides necessary treatment recommendations.
  5. Assess Risk of Oral Cancer: According to the information by the Oral Cancer Foundation, in the U.S., close to 50,000 Americans are at risk of oral oropharyngeal cancer. The condition is likely to cause over 9,750 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Oral cancer is one of the conditions that are hard to diagnose and quickly escalates into a life-threatening condition. Regular dentist appointments help recognize the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and proper referral for the treatment. The routine checkup includes Oral cancer screening which is helpful in determining and tracking the early signs and growth of tumors inside the mouth and improves the prognosis of the treatment.
  6. Put an End to Unhealthy Habits: Roswell dentists have expert dental hygienists that not only help clean your teeth but also provide valuable advice on habits that can damage teeth and the oral cavity. If you have been battling habits like nicotine addiction, smoking, drinking, or excessive consumption of high-sugar diets, it’s best to put a check on them by visiting your dentist and diligently following their advice.
  7. Sport a Million Dollar Smile: A winning and confident smile can be achieved with timely check-ups and regular treatment of stained, misaligned, or damaged teeth. Dental treatment for TMJ disorder, dental crowding, and crooked teeth help boost an individual’s self-confidence levels to frequently sport a winning smile.
  8. Make Chewing, Biting, and Grinding Easier: Any difficulty in chewing, biting, and grinding food can be fixed on time by occlusal equilibration or restoring damaged teeth. It also helps ensure that your teeth are in great form and healthy to help in daily food consumption and eating habits.

TruCare Dentistry Roswell GA believes in increasing the public’s awareness of periodontal diseases and other serious dental conditions that impact dental health and hygiene. For more information and tips for healthier and cleaner teeth, gums and mouth, reach our experts today!