Here’re crucial factors that you need to know about Botox wrinkle treatment

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Botox wrinkle treatment

Self-documentation in the form of Insta stories, selfies posted on social networking sites, and YouTube videos have impacted the way people look at their faces. Botox injections based procedures help millions of people around the world to rejuvenate their appearance every day.

What is Botox?

Historical records suggest that botulinum toxin was discovered during the 18th century within poorly prepared sausages. The possibilities of its use for the cosmetic purpose were highlighted for the first time in the 1970s. Legally, the FDA approved the use of Botox purified protein injections for treatment of wrinkles in April 2002. But, several clinics were already offering the same since the 1980s.

What is Botox treatment?

Botulinum toxin-based treatments are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures around the world. According to estimates, more than seven million botulinum toxin injections are administered in the United States every year. Multiple brands sell Botulinum ‘type-A’ injections. However, Botox brand is the most renowned and trusted around the world.

Botox injections for wrinkles are FDA approved. Besides treating facial lines, these injections can help in treating migraines, neck contracture, urinary incontinence, eye twitch, spasticity, and overactive bladder. It is most widely used for treating forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, managing lip lines, and chin. Since the last few years, these injections are also offered as a part of treatment to control excessive sweating in the armpits. These days, salons and clinics around the world provide Botox based procedures to make legs less muscular. The treatment aims at creating a smooth contour from the ankle to knees. Put simply; it feminizes legs.

The step-by-step procedure followed during the Botox treatment for wrinkles

Before the actual procedure, the cosmetic treatment expert examines the areas to be treated and checks the patient’s medical history. The units of Botox to be used during the process are determined during the consultation. The expert may advise the patient to stop consuming anti-inflammatory medicines and alcohol at least two weeks before undergoing the procedure.

A topical anaesthetic is applied to the selected area before administrating the injection.
Strategic points are selected on the muscle for administering injections that have a thin needle to ensure the procedure remains simple. The patient merely experiences a pinch like feeling.

During the initial stage, wrinkles appear only when the concerned facial muscle contracts. At a later stage, they turn deeper. When Botox is injected on the muscle, it blocks the nerves that trigger muscle activity. The body automatically starts repairing wrinkles when the folding action stops.

After completing the procedure, patients are asked to keep their head upright throughout the day and avoid strenuous activity or exercises.

Botox needs seven days for showing noticeable results, and the positive effects last for as much as four to six months. After this period, wrinkles reappear and need to be treated again. But, their severity reduces as muscles remain slightly relaxed.

Botox for smile lines on cheeks

Laugh lines appear around the outer corners of eyes and mouth when the person laughs or smiles. At times, they extend to the chin as well. They can develop due to ageing, dental, as well as other lifestyle-related issues, including weight gain. These wrinkles need to be treated while they are dynamic (initial stage), as their treatment becomes difficult later.

Botox injection side effects

FDA approved Botox injection side effects are relatively lesser compared to the benefits offered by the same. Some of the commonly noted symptoms are a headache, drooling, eye dryness, muscle weakness, and pain at the injection site. However, these complications can be avoided by selecting a reputed clinic for the treatment. Cosmetic surgeons, specially trained physicians, and dental care experts can perform these procedures.

Difference between Botox and other botulinum type-A variants

The injection alternatives to Botox are Myobloc, Xeomin, and Dysport. The ingredient in these variants is the same and used for handling similar wrinkles and cosmetic concerns. However, the recommended dosage varies due to the difference in their formulation. The cosmetic surgeon or dentist selects the variant based on the unique anatomy of the area to be operated.

Is it safe?

The adverse effects reported due to the use of Botox are almost next to nothing, and it has a remarkably safe history. However, during the consultation, it is crucial to ensure the patient shares details about the medical condition that he or she suffers. The surgeon should also be kept aware of the medicines that the patient consumes daily.

A specific set of insurance policies cover Botox procedure only if the patient has a medical necessity to opt for the same. You should be ready to fund the expenditure from your pocket if the treatment is meant for cosmetic purpose.

Not just women, but even men prefer opting for such minimally invasive procedures. If you are looking for a trustworthy office that offers, BOTOX® Treatment in Roswell GA, you should make an appointment at TruCare Dentistry immediately.