Here’s everything crucial that you need to know about dental crowns and bridges

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Here’s everything crucial that you need to know about dental crowns and bridges

Routine cleaning and filling may not work for some patients with cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth as they enter the ‘beyond repair’ stage. For such individuals, restorative dentistry is a ray of hope. Even patients with total tooth loss can chew without worrying about loose dentures. Advancements in dental science are helping in bringing the white smile back and restoring the chewing ability as well as jaw support.

These treatments are in high demand around the world due to technological development, increased awareness about cosmetic dentistry, and a growing number of clinics that offer these services.

Procedures performed under restorative dentistry ensure the teeth remain correctly aligned. Implants, permanent dental crowns, and dental bridges are three of the most preferred therapeutic options for dealing with missing, damaged teeth.

Bridges, crowns and implants dentistry

  • Implants: Dental implant treatment involves replacing a natural tooth root with a titanium screw. The implant is inserted in the jawbone, and tooth-like structured crown is fitted on the same. Implants are recommended in case if the natural tooth is damaged, decayed beyond repair. The implant appears natural, and thus remains most preferred by experts instead of using a denture.


  • Crowns: Crowns are prosthetic devices that are cemented on implants or existing teeth as a cover by a dentist. Crowns can improve the appearance, shape of the damaged teeth and restore their functioning as well.Patients can select ceramic, metal alloys, gold, or porcelain made crown. However, ceramic and porcelain are the most preferred options as they match with the color of the natural teeth and can withstand biting forces much better.Usually, crown based treatment is recommended in case of a discolored, fractured tooth, or for replacement of a large filling. They also serve as a cover on a dental bridge for one missing tooth and implant.


  • Dental bridges: Tooth extraction results in a formation of space, and this needs to be filled with either implant or a bridge to ensure the nearby teeth do not shift or change their position. If ignored, such space also results in a bad bite and TMJ disorders. Thus, dentists recommend bridges to fill the missing place. A single bridge can have three or more connected crowns as well. Bridges (pontic) can be cemented to the abutment teeth or placed on implants fitted in the jaw.The dentist may need to reshape or remove a part of the nearby tooth’s enamel to make space for the new crowns. Thus, implants are often preferred more than bridges as fitting an implant do not damage the adjacent teeth.Ceramic and porcelain materials are the most preferred due to their ability to match the natural color of other teeth easily.Both bridges and crowns can last for more than a decade if the patient maintains proper oral hygiene. However, the user must visit a dental clinic if the bridge or crown turns loose, as they may require to be tightened up.As always, toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste remains crucial for maintaining dental bridges.
  • Zirconia crowns in pediatric dentistry: Children may not always follow the dentist’s instructions and control their eating or drinking habits. They may end up eating sticky and hard food items. Thus, pediatric dentistry experts recommend the use of zirconia crowns. The material can sustain high-level of abrasion, corrosion compared to other ceramic materials.Zirconia is also used in hip replacements since decades and is considered biocompatible material. These crowns are available in premade forms. They are considered better alternatives to bonded options as well as steel.
  • Options for the front teeth: Front teeth are an essential part of the smile zone and need the best therapeutic option. They do not face much pressure like the back teeth. So, artificial porcelain bridge front teeth are the most recommended.There are several types of bridges and dentists choose it depending on the number of missing teeth. Maryland bonded bridge can be ideal in case of a single missing tooth. Traditional and cantilever bridge can be suitable for two or more missing dental structures.

What’s the crucial difference between bridge and implant?

Bridge requires support from the natural teeth; thus, healthy adjacent teeth are crucial. On the other hand, the implant does not require any assistance or put pressure on the surrounding teeth. Plus, cleaning, flossing around the implant remains simple.

Bridges also offer some special benefits. They are cemented, and the entire procedure is simple, painless, lesser expensive. Placing an implant is a surgical procedure. Patients who have diabetes, blood pressure, and other medical conditions need to consider multiple factors before opting for implants.

Crowns, bridges, dental implants are not removable and need to be fitted by an experienced dental care expert.

Do whiteners work on artificial teeth?

Maintaining a white smile is possible with cleaning and polishing when it comes to natural teeth. However, the treatment takes a different turn when artificial or restorations are involved.

Dental bridges, crowns, or implants made from various materials, including porcelain and resin, have permanent colors. Their shade is selected by the lab technicians to match the patient’s teeth. Natural whiteners do not work on artificial teeth. Thus, teeth whitening for crowns and bridges require expertise.

An experienced dentist would evaluate the stains on the restorations and clean them to ensure they match with the surrounding natural teeth. They use the most practical way of cleaning the artificial tooth without damaging it. At times, your dental care expert may recommend replacing the crown or bridge with a new one to regain the lost white smile.

Cleaning and polishing the natural teeth twice a year can be a good idea to ensure they match with the restorations.

Patients must opt for reputed, trustworthy dentistry to get restorative treatments done. If you are searching for a reputed dental office that offers Dental Crowns and Bridges in Roswell GA, you should immediately fix an appointment with TruCare Dentistry today. Dr Toral Ardeshna has assisted several patients with the most suitable restorative dental treatments.