A guide to getting your child brush

Raising the little humans is an overwhelming experience. From their birth, you are taking extra precautions to give your kid a better life. And, as far as health concerns, parents are most concerned with taking preventive measures. Brushing teeth properly is the foremost step to keep oral health in good shape. But, most of the time, kids are not willing to brush their teeth. 

Do you have a hard time making your child brush properly?

Here we are focusing on the guidelines for getting your child to brush their teeth properly. Let’s explore the details together!

Children’s teeth should be cleaned as soon as they erupt. If you start early on brushing your child’s teeth, they easily get habitual to the routine. If you do not want to use the brush at an early age for your kid, you can substitute it with a soft cloth wrapped around your finger. You can take advice from your dentist to thoroughly guide you to all the essential information related to children’s dentistry. 

Is Brushing Baby Teeth Important?

Definitely, YES!

A strong smile early on heads to a healthier smile later. Since baby teeth will fall out anyhow, you might be thinking there is no need to brush it regularly or do not need to worry about a little cavity. Nevertheless, a cavity can lead to extensive dental problems and can be painful whether it develops in baby teeth, adult teeth.

Moreover, cavities or other oral problems (caused by not brushing properly) in baby teeth can have long-term effects on your child’s oral health. 

To circumvent your child’s grown teeth growing crooked or out of alignment, you must ensure they have a well-cared-for tooth growth site and gums. Besides, your child’s first mature teeth, especially their molars, can affect your child’s face shape along with the expected position and health of the teeth later on. The crooked teeth require braces to straighten them.

Brushing and keeping your child’s teeth clean will help avoid pain, hassle, and complex oral health complications. Thus, brushing baby teeth is as important as yours.

How to make my child brush

When you want to make your child brush their teeth properly, be their example. Children often mimic their adults’ actions by observing them. So, let them see that brushing teeth every day is important. 

Have fun while brushing encourages your kids to clean their teeth. Make brushing an enjoyable and fun loving activity that positively reinforces good behavior among the children. You can play a game during that time for a playful time to clean the oral cavity for your young one.

It is necessary to start oral care from an early age. Learning good oral hygiene practices at a young age is vital for long-term oral health. Parents can teach their kids how to brush and floss by taking some essential steps.

However, When teaching your kids to brush, parents of children under the age of seven necessitate ensuring they use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and advise them to minimize toothpaste swallowing. 

Brushing habits for kids

Any habit (whether good or bad) to form takes time. So, when you want your kids to have good brushing habits, you should be patient and guide them gradually. Starting a routine and sticking to it will be much helpful. 

Never force anything on kids, especially brushing activity. Let them understand the importance of brushing or make the activity as playful as you can. This will surely help in forming a good habit among the children. 

Besides, here are some useful points to consider while on the way to form brushing habits for your kids;

  • Brush teeth at least for two minutes, before breakfast and after dinner.
  • Use a small circular motion to clean teeth and gums thoroughly.
  • Brush backward and forwards on all chewing surfaces.
  • When brushing is completed, your child should spit out leftover toothpaste.

Apart from this, do not miss a chance to encourage your child to brush his teeth. You can reward their good brushing behavior or use some kind of motivation to keep them encouraged to clean their teeth.  

In a nutshell, children should be taught and encouraged to brush their teeth appropriately. Forming a good habit will surely take time, But slow and consistent efforts will be fruitful. So, be an example for your kids and let them learn to practice good habits with proper techniques to maintain their oral health.

If you have any concerns about your child’s dental health, you can consult our specialist dentist at TruCare Dentistry Roswell.