Here’s a Look at Factors That Mitigate The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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In-office bleaching makes it in the list of the most performed procedures at TruCare Dentistry. We are experts in teeth whitening in Roswell, GA.

Do you think teeth whitening is permanent? Things do fade with time, don’t they? Like most of the patients, you would certainly wish to know how long the results can last. There are a variety of factors involved. No worries, we have simplified these aspects for you.

1. Your oral hygiene habits

When it comes to results, every case remains unique. However, on average, the procedure’s benefits last for anywhere between a few months to three years.

Patients who practice good eating and oral hygiene habits can retain their brighter smiles longer. Daily brushing, flossing, and visiting your dental clinic for bi-annual cleanings can surely benefit.

The whitening solution and procedures also affect the outcome. If your teeth are yellow or badly discolored, you would require more intensive treatment.

2. At home versus Dental office

You can opt for teeth whitening at home or choose the in-office procedure.

You can buy over-the-counter gels, rinses, and whitening strips (peroxide) if you plan to do it yourself. You can also go for tray-based teeth whitening solutions as per your dentist’s recommendation.

Why do in-office treatments offer better results? Whitening products are readily available at most online and physical pharmacies. Then, what’s the need to visit the dental office?

The answer is simple. Your dentist uses the best suitable bleaching options, applies more concentrated solution on your teeth and activates it with laser, special LED light.

Professional level gels with more substantial concentrations offer quick and efficient results.

The first part of the procedure lasts for thirty minutes to an hour. Your dental care expert might fix further appointments as per the condition of the teeth.

Dentists checks your teeth for cavities and cracks and also ensure teeth surfaces remain clean before applying the bleaching material. So, you can expect dramatic results. You certainly cannot get such outcomes from DIY kits or other home-based alternatives.

Professionals apply anesthetic in sensitive areas so the patient does not feel discomfort. The solution is applied after covering areas of your mouth with a protective resin.

Dentists use special tools to apply whitening gel equally on all areas of your teeth. Patients with tenacious, deep staining can benefit the most.

Over-the-counter products seem affordable initially. However, you would end up buying and using at least 2-3 kits to achieve dental-office treatment-like results.

3. Eating habits

Dentists recommend specific follow-up steps that you can take to ensure pearly whites do not turn yellow again.

During the gap between follow-up treatments, it’s best to avoid foods and drinks that cause extrinsic stains on teeth.

Avoid adding the following items to the menu:
  • Red wine
  • Beer
  • Ketchup
  • Tea and coffee
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Soy and BBQ sauce
  • Curry

Besides food items, several other factors can result in discoloration post-dental whitening. Antibiotics, aging, genetics, blood pressure, excessive use of fluoride, even chemotherapy, and radiation can result in the same.

And yes, the list remains incomplete without mentioning tobacco. If you chew or smoke it, the nicotine present in the product combines with the oxygen and forms yellow stains on teeth. Even electronic cigarettes are not any safer.

Are you someone who cannot control the urge to eat or drink any of the above items? Well then, you should be ready for whitening treatment every quarter. On the other hand, if you avoid these staining items, chances are you won’t need topping up for 6 to 12 months.

4. Color match with dental fixtures

Crowns work as a natural cap for the teeth and protect them. Similarly, veneers act as a cover for the front part of the tooth. Some patients also require bridges, implants, fillings, and other appliances as a part of the treatment.

Once fixed, your dentist cannot change the color of these fixtures with whitening gels. So, dentists often recommend such individuals to get natural teeth whitened before fixing ceramic dental appliances. At TruCare Dentistry in Roswell, we carefully color match prosthetics according to the patient’s desired shade.

5. Quick tips for maintaining pearly whites

Maintaining that dream smile and keeping gums healthy is something easily achievable.

  • Don’t skip professional cleaning sessions.
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure the residual food particles do not result in staining.
  • Follow good food and oral hygiene practices.
  • Control tobacco consumption.
  • Don’t skip brushing and flossing each day.
  • Keep your regular toothpaste in the drawer for a few months and use the whitening ones recommended by your dentist.
  • Follow your dentist’s diet recommendation for one week post-whitening treatment.
  • Use a straw for drinking fruit juices.

Do you wish to get back that dazzling smile? If you are in Roswell (GA), you should consider fixing an appointment at TruCare Dentistry. Let our experts examine your oral health and recommend the best approach for whitening your teeth.