How often should people visit a general dentist for a regular oral check-up?

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How often should people visit a general dentist for a regular oral check-up

Depending on the condition of the patient’s gums and teeth, the dentist can recommend a check-up once every three months to two years. However, several patients plan a visit only after chewing food becomes too painful. Let’s try and understand why patients do so.

Toothpaste ads started awareness campaigns about preventive care

During the early 1900s, American authorities accidentally discovered that the dental health of its citizens was in a bad state due to the results for military entrance examinations. A lot of discussion on the issue urged people to start focusing on their dental health. The US Army had also highlighted dental decay as something that can trigger national security risk and hurt the readiness of soldiers during the First World War. But, until the late 90s, dentists focused on fixing the problems rather than focusing on the causes.

Studies conducted in this regard during the 1970s pointed out that gum disease and cavities can be prevented with professional cleaning at dental clinics. That’s when dental clinics and health organizations, as well as toothpaste ads, started urging people to opt for oral check-ups, at least twice a year.

The campaign worked very well for the toothpaste as well as consumers. The number of patients suffering from dental decay plummeted. People started approaching dentists immediately after detecting small cavities that proved more effortless to be restored.

When the insurance companies started offering policies for dental care during the 1970s, they also provided cover for preventive care, including annual dental cleaning sessions.

Patients should visit a dental clinic and not an emergency department at the hospital

Avoiding preventative care and oral health check-up is leading to an increasing number of dental emergency cases in several hospitals’ emergency departments. The issue made it in the headlines for the first time in May 2013 when the American Dental Association released its study concerning the same. The research pointed out that young Americans who do not have dental insurance often possibly avoid opting for dental care due to financial constraints. As per the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, such patients do not have dental insurance and happen to be from the age group 21 to 34.

Even after seven years, the number of dental emergency visits at ER remains a cause of concern for hospitals in the US. Physicians often offer painkillers and ask the patient to visit their dental office during working hours. Thus, creating awareness about the importance of visiting general family dentistry at least once in every six months has once again become crucial.

Once or twice a year

At times, individuals who take proper care of their teeth with regular brushing and flossing do not see or feel dental problems until they start triggering pain or become visible. Unfortunately, dental issues start causing pain only after reaching advanced stages. Issues like gum disease, cavities, and even oral cancer can be treated better when in a manageable stage.

A trip to the dental office, once or twice a year for check-ups, can be excellent for individuals who follow proper oral hygiene habits. However, that’s not the case when it comes to persons in the high-risk group.

Smokers, pregnant women, diabetics, and patients suffering from immune system-related infection belong to the high-risk group. And so do individuals suffering from gum disease and cavities or plaque buildup. Such a person may need frequent check-ups.

Why do Americans forgo dental care?

The percentage of people visiting dental clinics varies from one state to the other. ADA’s research has pointed out that the cost factor, dental anxiety, lack of time, insurance, and unavailability of a general dental clinic in their locality as some of the reasons behind avoiding yearly check-up.

The results for the concerned study make sense after considering the response that dental associations receive for their free dental care events in various parts of the US. Thousands of people show up at 5:30 AM outside the venue for securing free treatment coupons.

During the check-up

During the visit, the dental care expert examines the gums, teeth, and the overall mouth for signs of problems. Fillings, root canal, and implants also need to be checked for ensuring they have not developed any cracks. Besides inquiring about any dental challenges that the patient faces, dentists also ask questions concerning teeth-cleaning, alcohol consumption, smoking, and eating habits.

If the dentist comes across possible issues with a tooth, the professional might recommend getting x-rays or scans done to determine the seriousness of the problem. Depending on the outcome, the oral health care expert would offer treatment options to the patient.

Studies have highlighted how an individual’s appearance, including teeth and smile, can impact his or her chances of securing employment. Skipping regular dental visits is downright dangerous because teeth can show changes almost every day. Filling up cavities at an early stage can prove inexpensive, quick, and comfortable.

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