How Sugar Causes Tooth Cavity?

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How Sugar Causes Tooth Cavity

You might have heard that sugar causes cavities. If you consume too much sugary food/drink, there are more chances that you will get tooth decay. We have been told about these things over and over again.

But does sugar actually cause cavities?

How consumption of sugar affects oral health?

Is sugar good or bad for teeth?

These are the most common questions people wonder about sugar and cavity. 

Well, if you are looking for the answers to the above questions, you have landed at the right spot. In this blog post, we are going to cover the effects of sugar on teeth and how a cavity is formed, and much other important information about oral health. 

Let’s explore the details together!

What is a cavity, and how is it developed?

A cavity or dental caries is a hole in a tooth where the tooth enamel has broken down due to decay. Decay is generally caused when plaque builds up on the tooth. When plaque is accumulated on the tooth for long periods of time, it causes a cavity. 

A severe tooth cavity can damage nerve endings or surrounding gums, teeth, which usually results in significant pain. It can also demand the need for a root canal treatment or even result in tooth loss (mostly when left untreated).

Our mouth is full of bacteria; some are helpful, and some are harmful. When the harmful bacteria feed on the sugar and carbohydrates that you consume, they create acids that can turn into bacterial infections. 

Bacterial infections in the mouth can do two things. First, they can destroy the enamel (the outermost layer of a tooth). Another, if left untreated, those bacterial infections will quickly turn into cavities. 

Does sugar actually cause cavities?

Sugar does not cause cavities, BUT it promotes the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It works as a magnet for the bacteria, which plays a huge role in forming tooth cavities and other dental issues. If you are fond of having sugary food, you should follow certain habits to prevent harm to your oral health. 

Follow these tips while you want to prevent cavities with sugar 

  • Limit frequent snacking, especially sweet food
  • Rinse your mouth after eating anything.
  • Keep your mouth hydrated
  • Do not go to bed right after consuming sugary food/drink
  • Practice proper brushing techniques 

How to prevent cavities?

As sugar plays a major role in the formation of tooth decay, it is not the sole factor for having cavities. Tooth decay can form due to poor oral hygiene habits and many other reasons.

So, when you want to follow preventive measures for tooth decay, you should brush your teeth twice a day, at least for 2-3 mins. Using mouthwash after snacking would be a great idea to wash out bacteria in the mouth. You can chew sugar-free gum between meals to remove the plaque from the surface of your teeth. More importantly, visit your dentist regularly for an oral examination, which majorly prevents many dental issues.

But what if the tooth cavity is formed?

Cavity formation takes place over time. As it starts to form, it will give warning signals. When a tooth cavity is developing, it will indicate some signs and symptoms such as;

  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Visible hole s in a tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain while biting or chewing

As soon as the symptoms appear, one should schedule an appointment with the dentist. When tooth cavities are treated in the early phase, it relatively prevents further dental problems. The dentist will examine the actual condition of the cavity and suggest the best possible treatment. In most instances, a root canal is an ideal treatment for tooth cavities. It helps in treating the decayed tooth along with minimizing risk to surrounding tissues. 

Technically, bacteria cause cavities, not sugar. Nevertheless, sugar plays a significant role in promoting the bacteria that cause dental caries. Besides, there are many other underlying reasons that form cavities. Sometimes, people do not take tooth decay seriously until it starts causing severe discomfort or pain.

When a decayed tooth is left untreated for a long time, it causes the surrounding teeth and gums to be infected. And worsen the overall oral health conditions.

So, it is advisable to treat tooth decay with the appropriate treatment; an untreated tooth cavity can result in tooth loss. 
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