Mamelons on Teeth: What are they? How to remove them?

Pearly teeth are crucial for a beautiful smile. Everyone likes aligned whiter and healthy teeth. So, when parents find something unusual about their child’s teeth, they quickly become worrisome. The dental problems in children may get worse if they are not treated on time. On the other hand, some dental issues can be resolved as time goes. But, whenever in doubt, consult your dentist about the dental conditions for your children.

Here we are bringing information about a specific dental condition in children; mamelons. This blog is a comprehensive guide about mamelons on teeth. Before you get worried about the look of your child’s teeth, read through this information.

You may have notice ridges on the end of your child’s teeth. Especially when the new teeth erupt in children, the ridges and bums are prominently visible that is known as mamelons. Mamelons can differ from person to person; however, most of the time, they are not visible in adult teeth.

Mamelons do not stick around for long. Parents may notice it while the tooth comes out through the tissue. The tiny bumps on the teeth wear down over time with the chewing process.

Which teeth are affected by mamelons?

Mamelons appear on recently erupted incisor teeth (four front teeth in the mouth). The incisors have a flat surface, and they are essential for cutting and shearing.

Incisors’ teeth make most of your smile, as they are located in the center of your mouth. As they are most visible, teeth affected by mamelons can be easily seen.

Now, let’s understand what causes mamelons on teeth and what is the best treatment to remove them.

Why do mamelons occur?

When a permanent tooth forms beneath the gums, three groups of cells form each tooth’s incisal edge, these help the tooth to cut through the gums more easily. Nevertheless, sometimes parents are concerned about their child’s damaged teeth. Tooth mamelon occurs while the tooth grows through the gums. Mamelons gradually wear off, and they are not noticeable in adults in most cases.

However, in rare cases, if tooth eruption is delayed or the child has an occlusion discrepancy where their bite does not naturally grind, mamelons may not wear away by adulthood. This usually appears with an open bite, in which the front teeth do not vertically overlap. Consequently, the front teeth do not come into contact; hence, the mamelons reside in adulthood as well. Besides, your teeth grew late; mamelons remain on teeth.

How to remove Mamelons?

Expert advice is recommended for the removal of Mamelon. Look for the best cosmetic dentist for the optimal treatment for Mamelon. Your dentist may shave the edges of the teeth to align the surface of the teeth. In cosmetic dentistry various treatment for mamelon removal include;

  • Teeth recontouring
  • Cosmetic contouring
  • Teeth reshaping, etc.

These treatments are usually painless and do not require anesthesia. With the quick accomplishment of the procedure, you can go home on the same day. Normally, there is no recovery time if you undergo Mamelons.

Nevertheless, mamelons do not have to be treated. They are harmless and do not interfere with chewing at all. But, if you want to make your smile more beautiful, you should opt for the right cosmetic dentistry.

Most of the time, parents are concerned about the shapes of their children’s teeth. Early diagnosis and dental treatment is essential to prevent further complications. Hence, pediatric dentistry is important.

Kids are prone to develop many dental problems, which need to be treated appropriately. Here is the list of the most common dental problems in children include:

  • tooth decay or cavity
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Grinding
  • Canker sores
  • Over-retained primary teeth
  • Thumb sucking, and many more.

Thus, many families practice early dental visits for their kids, even if they have baby teeth. This is a good habit that makes a child aware of oral health. Also, it helps in reducing the fear of dental clinics or procedures. After your child’s first birthday or after the first milk tooth eruption, a dental visit should be performed. Further, adults also should visit the dentist at a regular interval to maintain good oral health.

Are you looking for cosmetic dentistry for children in Roswell?

While children’s teeth are still growing, they can get benefits of cosmetic dentistry options. Consult your dentist to find out the most appropriate and suitable cosmetic dentistry for children.
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