Medical Benefits of Invisalign: Straight Teeth Are Not Just For a Pretty Smile

Benefits of Invisalign

During the ’90s, orthodontic treatment meant using metal brackets for the realignment of teeth. Back then, metal braces and brackets, grills were considered the best tools for straightening teeth. Children and adults often avoided the procedure due to the fear and anxiety surrounding the metal devices. Thankfully, Invisalign custom-made aligners changed it all. 

These custom-made, clear plastic aligners have revolutionized the orthodontics world. Depending on the level of misalignment, users need to wear them for six to eighteen months. By the end of the treatment timeframe, the patient gets a beautiful smile back with properly aligned teeth. There are several other medical benefits of using Invisalign, let’s take a look at some of the crucial ones. 

Ability to eat and enjoy food 

Misalignment of teeth results in crossbite, overbite, underbite, open bite, and teeth crowding. One of the commonly reported problems caused due to these issues is the discomfort experienced while chewing or biting food. It directly impacts a person’s overall health.

The patient faces a lot of restrictions with metal braces when it comes to eating. Individuals who opt for metal brackets for treating misaligned teeth are advised not to eat raw vegetables, hard bread, tough meats, nuts, popcorn, sugar candy, chewing gum, and even cucumber. Avoiding these foods is crucial for protecting metal orthodontic appliances. But, this can impact the overall health of the patient.

On the other hand, with Invisalign based treatment, patients can eat and drink everything except for hard-shelled pieces of bread, chewing gum, sticky candies, and too much tea, coffee, and wine.   

Ability to boost self-confidence 

It is common knowledge that teens with crooked teeth and other dental abnormalities often feel self conscious while in public. Such feeling negatively impacts their self-confidence.

Studies have highlighted that a considerable percentage of teenagers who go for Invisalign based orthodontic procedure often experience an increase in their self-confidence while in public.

Decay-free clean teeth 

Crowded or crooked teeth are often difficult to clean, and even metal braces can make daily cleaning difficult. Thus, patients with traditional braces face oral hygiene issues. Regular braces users need to worry a lot about food particles trapped in brackets, wires, and plaque accumulation as well. 

On the other hand, invisible braces can be removed easily before eating, drinking, and cleaning. This ultimately results in better cleaning, leading to lesser chances of decay, cavities, bad breath, and gum problems.

Patients can follow their routine brushing and flossing habits. The individual just needs to make sure he or she wears aligners for at least 22 hours a day during the treatment period. 

Helps in improving food digestion

Patients suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth often face problems in chewing. They swallow food that’s not chewed sufficiently, resulting in poor digestion. Invisalign aligners slowly align the teeth properly and restore the person’s ability to eat food, resulting in improved digestion. 

Correcting speech disorder caused due to dental issue

Orthodontic problems trigger speech disorder (mild to moderate stutter). This results in a devastating effect on the individual’s confidence. Invisalign aligner based straightening procedure helps in treating this condition with ease.

A painless way for straightening teeth 

Invisalign aligners require less time for teeth straightening. Treatment involving metal braces may need a considerably longer time for correcting misaligned teeth. Getting the wires and brackets in place is a painful process. It goes without saying that some people may not feel comfortable wearing metal brackets all the time. Plus, at times, dentists may need to adjust metal braces between the treatment, and the process can make patients uncomfortable. 

Plastic aligners based treatment is non-invasive and much more comfortable. Aligners are made using 3D digital scans of the mouth; there is no need to take tooth impressions traditionally. Overall, there’s a lot of difference between getting 3D scans and traditional x-rays. 

Easing jaw and neck pain 

Misalignment of teeth results in far-reaching consequences. One of the critical problems is pain in the jaw and neck caused due to poorly positioned teeth. 

Patients with misaligned bite also experience jaw joint cracking sound. Correcting the position of teeth with Invisalign can help in resolving such jaw and neck pain as well.

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