Periodontal Disease: What is it, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Oral health care issues can occur in people of all ages. But, periodontal disease is commonly seen in people above the age of 30. Periodontal disease is nothing but a gum disease that is easily curable. If you practice good oral hygiene, get periodontal treatment, and get a dental cleaning, you can get your gums back in a healthy state.

Go through this blog to understand the essential things of periodontal disease.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal diseases, or periodontitis or gum disease, is a severe gum infection caused by the bacteria in the mouth. If periodontitis progresses (and you haven’t got preventive treatments), gradually, gum tissues, bones, and teeth will be damaged.

Nevertheless, if gum disease is treated early along with maintained proper oral hygiene, the possible damage can be stopped.

Now that you have understood what gum disease is let’s explore its causes, symptoms, and how dental cleaning helps prevent it.

Causes of gum disease

Gum disease (periodontitis) is typically caused by poor oral hygiene. Sometimes the hard-to-reach places in your mouth remain untouched for cleaning. Consequently, the following happens:

  • The presence of bacteria in the mouth multiplies and forms a dental plaque.
  • If you don’t remove the plaque by brushing or flossing, the bacteria deposit minerals within the plaque.
  • This mineral deposit (known as tartar) will promote more bacterial growth toward the root of the tooth.
  • The attached gums to the root of a tooth are disrupted over time, and a periodontal pocket (gap) may occur.
  • The harmful bacteria colonize in the pocket and multiply. They release toxins and damage the teeth, supporting bone structures and gums.
Symptoms of gum disease

Symptoms of gum disease may vary from person to person that also depends on the severity of the disease. However, the most common symptoms of gum disease include;

  • Pain while chewing
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Receding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Buildup plaque on teeth
Treatment for gum disease

Treatment for gum disease depends on the underlying cause and symptoms you have. For instance, if the disease is identified in the early stage, preventive measures and professional dental cleaning can help.

The ultimate aim of the treatment is to clean the pockets around teeth while preventing damage to the surrounding bone. Moreover, when you adopt an everyday routine of good oral care, you will have a better chance for successful treatment.

TruCare dentistry provides comprehensive periodontal treatment of gum disease that includes routine dental cleaning, scaling, and root planning (deep cleaning) followed by gum surgery (if required).

How dental cleaning prevents gum disease

Professional dental cleaning is one of the most effective treatments to remove the plaque or tartar from the teeth. Your dentist will use tools known as scalers to scrape away the calculus and tartar from the teeth.

Once the plaque, tarter, or calculus is removed from the teeth, the growth of the bacteria will stop. In fact, a professional cleaning can reverse gum disease, improving oral health.

Tips for maintaining oral hygiene to prevent not only gum disease but also other types of dental problems

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with proper, gentle brushing techniques at least for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a brush with a soft bristle.
  • Floss your teeth regularly.
  • Use a mouth rinse to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Consume a well-balanced, healthy diet.
  • Schedule a regular dental visit for a routine check-up.

Preventing a dental issue is always a better alternative than curing it. If you follow a good oral hygiene habit, you can easily avoid dental issues and complications.

The bacteria accumulate on the surface of teeth and gums, which form into plaque over time. If the plaque is not removed, gum disease or other dental issues can occur. TruCare Dentistry in Roswell, GA, offers professional dental cleaning services that essentially help in preventing such dental conditions. Our dental expert will conduct a thorough examination and initiate dental cleaning.

TruCare Dentistry is committed to improve people’s oral health and provide the best dental care treatment. Whether you are looking for periodontal treatment or any other dental care, we can help. Call us to schedule an appointment and keep your oral health in good shape.