What’s Better? Saving Your Natural Tooth or Getting A Dental Implant?

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These days, even highly-infected teeth can be restored by conservative, competent practitioners. However, patients and some dentists prefer getting a natural tooth removed and replacing the same with dental implants.

Tooth removal is something that’s irreversible and has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. Implants also involve a significant expense. Thus, the patient needs to study both carefully and make an informed decision.

Should patients retain their restorable teeth even if they require periodontal, significant restorative dental treatment? Here’re some factors to be considered.

Choosing One Of The Two Options

Lack of dental care, a sugary diet, and acid-producing bacteria can result in decay. When ignored, the trouble reaches the roots after infecting the nerve tissue. The gum infection can function as a silent killer and damage the tooth structure. In such a case, patients are left with two options to deal with pulp tissue infection. They can opt for root canal therapy or go for a dental implant. Both have almost the same success rate when it comes to restoration. But, a root canal is considered a conservative and less expensive alternative.

The most crucial point to be considered is that every root canal may not last forever. The patient may require retreatment in case of root canal reinfection or recurrent decay. In worst cases, especially when the tooth is nonrestorable the dentist can recommend replacing the root-canal-treated tooth with an implant.

There are other options like tooth bridges and dental crowns. Both can be cemented on the existing teeth without any surgical procedure to help the patient in chewing. After treating for large decay, dentists recommend a crown (cap) to protect the damaged tooth. It improves the shape, alignment, and appearance of the stained teeth. Crowns are made of porcelain which can be matched very well to the color of your natural teeth. Crowns are also used for covering teeth after root canal treatment, or as a temporary cover for a dental implant. Cleaning as well as fitting a crown won’t help if the infection has reached the tooth’s root.

Patients who feel frustrated due to the periodontal breakdown of teeth, constant need for dental restorations, and those suffering from severe dental caries on multiple teeth may show the desire for the removal of natural teeth and opt for implants. Besides the above, individuals suffering due to tooth fracture, and tooth mobility issues may also feel compelled to go for implants. Dental care experts, like those at Best Cosmetic Dentist Roswell GA, examine the extent of damage and suggest treatment accordingly.

Permanent Solution

Thanks to advanced tools and new research in dentistry, the implant procedure has improved and perfected during the last few years.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s data, each year, more than 500,000 adults opt for implant therapy in the United States. The success rate for implants is 98 percent; however, the patient must select an experienced dentist for implant surgery.

As a part of the surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the infected root part and replaces it with a specially designed titanium root. The root is slowly pressed into the jawbone and provides support to the new crown or false teeth. The fresh root integrates with the jaw bone after a few days.

The patient’s medical history, the number of implants required, thickness of the jawbone, and his/her ability to recover after the surgery are the primary factors that dental care expert considers for the success of implants. If necessary, the dentist may suggest the patient undergo a bone grafting procedure(s) to support the implant.

Individuals who have diabetes and leukemia need to take extra precautions. Persons who are on osteoporosis medication and chemotherapy need extra precautions and may have a compromised prognosis for implants.

Patients need To Follow Oral Hygiene Habits Even After Getting Implants

No matter if it is a natural tooth or an implant; both remain surrounded by bacteria and acids in the mouth. Opting for dental implants does not mean one can completely ignore oral health because even implants need flossing and proper brushing. They won’t last a lifetime without following oral hygiene habits. Without proper care, they can get damaged and also fail.

Implants do not require adjacent teeth as a support, and cannot get affected due to decay. They can replace single or multiple teeth to maintain the balance on the jawbone. Depending on the oral health, the dentist can recommend either removable or fixed replacement.

Remember, implants are not just aesthetic but functional tooth replacements that can last for several decades.

To prevent the jaw bone from shrinking and control bone loss, dentists recommend implants supported prostheses. These false teeth can also prevent the deterioration of jaw bone that starts changing shape due to tooth extraction or fall. It impacts the person’s smile and facial appearance.

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