Everything about teeth midline shift

A beautiful smile always makes a huge difference! Everyone loves to see and have a pretty smile. However, some dental problems may affect the appearance of teeth. Sometimes, an obscure shift in the way the front teeth align can influence a smile. This shift can change how one bite and possibly commencing to some severe dental complications later on. One such dental problem is teeth midline shift. Here we are focusing on the comprehensive details about the dental midline shift that include basic understanding, causes, and potential treatment alternatives.

Let’s explore the details about teeth midline shift together.

What is the teeth midline shift?

The teeth midline is typically the dividing line between the two upper central and lower central teeth. If you see yourself in the mirror the teeth midline shift should correctly bisect your nose and space between your eyebrows. A teeth midline shift displays some asymmetry, which can be barely noticeable or quite prominent.

Moreover, if the appearance of a teeth midline shift is not a concern for you cosmetically, its physical effects can be problematic. Strait-laced alignment of all the teeth dictates how a person’s bite will function. Sometimes, the teeth midline shift affects the jaw’s back, and this discrepancy can cause other dental issues, such as grinding of teeth, uneven wear that can drive to a cavity or cracks, etc.

Causes of dental midline shift

The primary causes of dental midline shift may vary from person to person. A few of the most common reasons for dental midline discrepancies include

  • Missing teeth
  • Oversized teeth (macrodontia)
  • Undersized teeth (microdontia)
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • The early loss of baby teeth
  • Jaw misalignments
  • A bad habit (i.e., prolonged thumb-sucking )
  • Dental trauma

Ways to correct teeth midline shift

Although teeth midline shift is a common condition, your specific case, goals, and budget might differ. There are a few various treatments available, and based on your unique requirements, you can select one to correct the dental midline misalignment.


Braces are amazingly effective at repairing midline misalignments, also when it’s accompanied by a more complex issue such as crossbite. In addition to dental midline correction, braces can also help skeletal realignment when paired with elastics or other specialized appliances. Only the main downside of braces is their visibility because most adults prefer less noticeable treatment options.


Invisalign is another essential treatment option for correcting mild to moderate teeth midline shift in adults. If the deviated midline is accompanied by crossbite or other bite issues, Invisalign can be paired with additional dental appliances to correct the dental midline misalignment. In fact, this is one of the favored treatments for teeth midline shift as it is less noticeable than other alternatives.

Hyrax expander

A Hyrax expander is useful to repair teeth midline shift. The expander is fastened to the teeth and positioned in the mouth roof to expand the upper jaw. The expander then holds this position so the teeth and the person wearing the expander have an opportunity to adjust to their new position. The expander can be worn anywhere from three to nine months.


A strategic tooth extraction will correct the teeth midline shift. When space opens up in the mouth and a tooth is extracted, other teeth move to fill the gap. This may be used in combination with the other treatments mentioned above for better results.

Furthermore, surgery may be required to correct the dental midline shift in severe cases where teeth midline shift happens after all teeth are in, and the reason seems to be structural rather than a movement of the teeth through the soft tissue. Your dentist will try every possible nonsurgical treatment for teeth midline shift correction before suggesting surgery.

After treatment for teeth midline shift, you should notice the signs of improvement in the symmetry of your beautiful smile. Your dentist may instruct you for the continued use of retainers, elastics, or other treatments to support this symmetry. Strictly follow your dentist’s instructions for the properly aligned teeth after you get corrective treatment for teeth midline shift.

Teeth midline shift can be treated easily with the proper guidance and follow up treatment sessions. Depending on the misalignment severity, your dentist will suggest the best possible option to correct the teeth midline shift. If you want to get specialized treatment for any dental problem, TruCare dental clinic in Roswell GA, is at your service. Whether you are looking for general dentistry in Roswell or special dental treatment, we can help and assure the best possible dental care. Give us a call or visit our dental clinic in Roswell, GA to schedule an appointment with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about teeth midline shift:

How do you know if your tooth is a midline shift?

It is easy to determine a midline shift. If your midline displays some unevenness, means if the line between the top teeth does not sit directly over the line between the bottom teeth, the condition can be a midline shift.

How common is midline misalignment?

Midline misalignment is a common condition, especially among adults. It happens when the centerline of your upper teeth doesn’t align with the centerline of your bottom teeth. Though this condition does not always appear as a significant dental problem, it may lead to an aesthetic problem. Luckily, plenty of different treatment options are available these days to correct a midline misalignment.

Can you survive a midline shift?

The physical effects of a midline shift can be problematic. Improper alignment of teeth can affect the way your bite functions. Midline shift teeth can also affect the back of the jaw and may lead to various other dental issues like uneven wear that can cause teeth cavity, cracks, accidental grinding, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to see a dentist if you are facing the issue of a midline shift.

How does Invisalign correct the midline?

Invisalign can be a highly effective and versatile treatment to correct a midline shift. It can correct midline discrepancy by 2mm to the left or right per arch. However, your dentist or orthodontist may suggest braces if the space is larger than 2mm or in the case of certain rare midline cases.

What is a midline discrepancy?

A midline discrepancy is a condition when the center of your two front teeth does not line up with the center of your nose, upper lip, and between your eyes. It is slightly off-center.