Teeth Whitening: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

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Who doesn’t like a brighter and beautiful smile?

People often pick tooth whitening products, remedies, or in-office bleaching to make their teeth whiter. However, in the quest to have a brighter pearl in the mouth, it’s easier to adopt certain habits that harm your oral health.

Here we are uncovering the mistakes to avoid while whitening your teeth.

1. Not consulting your dentist before whitening your teeth

It is easy to be impulsive while seeking whiter teeth. But, it is recommended that you talk to your dentist first before using any agent to make your teeth whiter. In fact, the dentist can suggest you the best alternatives for a brighter smile. Also, your doctor will decide if you need a teeth whitening treatment or not. Not seeking expert guidance before bleaching can have long-term adverse effects.

Especially when you have crowns, veneers, or fillings made of either porcelain or composite materials (which will not be whitened and look darker compared to the natural teeth), you are not an ideal candidate to undergo teeth whitening procedures.

Hence, be on the safer side, and consult your dentist first before attempting teeth whitening.

2. Using whitening agents daily

There are teeth whitening agents like toothpaste or gel that are easily available in the market. You are risking your oral health while using the Over-the-counter whitening agents every day. You need to understand that teeth whitening can’t be done overnight unless you underwent professional bleaching at dental’s cleaning.

Besides, the whitening agents, including charcoal toothpaste, typically contain abrasives for creating the polished effect on your teeth. Daily use of abrasive toothpaste can damage tooth enamel and cause gum recession and damage the root surface of the teeth. Hence, do not use the whitening agents on a daily basis. Instead, you can use multi-purpose toothpaste that contains fluoride.

3. Not brushing or flossing before teeth whitening

Whitening your teeth needs to be an addition to your oral care routine. It shouldn’t be considered a replacement. Accumulated plaque and food particles on your tooth’s surface interfere with the brightening process and do not produce better results.

So, clean your teeth (with brushing or flossing) as you were doing, then opt for teeth whitening practices.

4. Consuming acidic food to whiten teeth

Consumption of acidic fruits or beverages after teeth whitening can be harmful. Teeth whitening has the potential to intensify tooth sensitivity. The gums can be irritated following the whitening procedures. Hence, it is advisable to limit or stop eating acidic fruits or beverages to decrease the chances of irritation and sensitivity.

5. Treating teeth whitening as a one-time thing

Teeth whitening should be implemented regularly, just like brushing to maintain the whiter smile. When you have done teeth whitening, you will have the whitest teeth. But, it will not last forever. For instance, consuming an excess amount of coffee, tea, red wine, or tobacco on a regular basis after having teeth whitening will not keep your teeth whiter for a long time. So, the bottom line is to follow your dentist’s advice on dos and don’ts after teeth whitening procedures to keep teeth brighter for a long time.

6. Using one-size-fits-all teeth whitening trays

Everyone’s teeth are different, so does the teeth whitening trays should be. Using a tray that is not custom to your mouth can potentially lead to tooth damage and gum irritation.

Additionally, some teeth whitening properties in peroxide can reduce the production of saliva in the mouth, which is necessary to form and swallow a morsel. Plus, the whitening trays sold in stores are usually one-size-fits-all, which is unsafe to use without consulting your dentist.

7. Go for teeth whitening frequently

Everyone likes whiter teeth, and there are more options available than before to have brighter teeth. But, going for teeth whitening procedures often can damage teeth enamel and oral health. Hence, go for teeth whitening only under professional supervision and their guidance.

Want to whiten your teeth?

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