Here’re tips to ensure you have chosen the right dental implant dentist

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Here’re tips to ensure you have chosen the right dental implant dentist

Implants can eliminate dentures related issues like slippage and sore spots. The patient can feel healthier, younger with a new set of teeth. However, due to the anticipated pain, several people were dissuaded from opting for implants in the past. Thankfully, this is the era of painless dental implants; the technological advancements help in reducing uneasiness. Dental surgeons are trained to handle patients who have dental phobia as well. The entire procedure can be completed in just one visit to the dental office.

Opt for a clinic that offers all on six dental implants treatment

Patients who have lost multiple natural teeth can consider going for all-on-6 dental implants. Dentists also recommend the same to individuals who show low jaw bone density for bone grafting. It is regarded as a stronger alternative to the usual dentures, as damaged teeth can be replaced with six natural-looking implants in a single sitting.

Dentists take x-rays, scans for assessing the mouth’s anatomical structures, and take impressions for designing the bridge or denture with the help of 3D printing technology/ CAM technique.

In the first phase, six dental implants are placed in the upper jaw bone and four in lower jaw bone. These titanium screws work as an anchor for the over-denture or bridge consisting of artificial teeth. Screws fuse with the jawbone and heal with time to work like natural roots.

The treatment is not recommended for patients who have diabetes or those who consume too much of tobacco products.

Which option is better? Traditional or same-day implants?

The name is self-explanatory. As mentioned earlier, a total of six implants need to be placed in the upper or lower jaw to offer the best possible support for the artificial teeth arch. In most cases, bone grafting may not be necessary. Thus, complete teeth restoration becomes possible even in cases involving bone loss.

Traditional dentures have limitations, and the user needs to adjust eating habits as well. Taking out and cleaning the same also becomes inconvenient at times.

Most of the traditional bridges are attached to the existing teeth. They can fall apart in case if the connected teeth start decaying. Regular bridges, as well as dentures, also require ongoing adjustments and repair, unlike dental implants that are fused to the jawbone.

People using removable prosthesis remain worried about dentures falling out or slipping. On the other hand, with all-on-six implants in place, the patient does not need to worry about removability or jiggling. Patients can recover as much as 80 percent of their bite power. Implants also help in stabilizing the jaw bone.

No adhesives are used in the process. So there is no need for the patient to spend time and effort in special nightly cleaning, like in the case of removable prosthetic teeth. The usual brushing and flossing habit can work for implants. There is no need to worry or take precautions before eating sticky, hard stuff.

With an entirely new set of teeth, the option offers the best possible results with minimum invasiveness compared to other treatment alternatives. It helps in coping with tooth loss trauma and acid reflux.

Ensure the dental office has implemented the latest technology that supports single-visit implants

Earlier, the dental implant surgeon had to find the jaw bone by cutting through the gums. Thus, the process involved a healing period of a few weeks after placing the implants. Spending several days without teeth can prove to be a frustrating experience.

Same-day implants placement is a quick process. As the decayed tooth extraction and implant procedure takes place on the same day, the patient does not need to spend a period without any tooth in the mouth.

The success ratio for single-visit dental implants is similar to that of the traditional multiple visit therapy as per research. Advanced anesthetic injections help the patients to relax even while performing invasive processes like wisdom tooth extraction, root canal treatment as well as biopsies. Put simply; the anesthetic injection blocks the pain signal sending nerves temporarily.

Dentists also apply the numbing gel on the skin before using the injection to ensure the patient does not feel discomfort. It takes care of injection-related anxiety.

Check the dental implants cost for all teeth

The cost for a single implant can be between $1500 to 2500.

Some dental insurance policies can help in lowering the upfront cost. However, most of the companies do not offer coverage for the treatment unless it is medically necessary to do so. If your policy assists explicitly in the same, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider once you get a pre-treatment estimate from your dentist.

How about going abroad for treatment?

consumer laws may not always protect patients who suffer due to medical negligence. There is nothing much that the patient can do in the case of a failed implant treatment performed abroad.

On the other hand, dentists in the United States follow standards that offer the highest level of patient safety laid down by the ADA.

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