Here’re new trends noticed in cosmetic dentistry so far during 2020

trending cosmetic dentistry

Dental technology is continually evolving due to research and development activities and advanced training provided to professionals. Cosmetic dentistry is reaching new heights with every passing year, and 2020 is no different. Even despite the coronavirus pandemic, people are willing to improve their smiles. Here’re trends visible in this field so far this year.

Clear aligners 

Clear aligners are almost invisible and can help improve the alignment of teeth, just like metal braces. They do not impact the user’s professional and social life. Factors like the person’s eating habits and physical appearance are not compromised. So, there’s no question of losing confidence or feeling frustrated due to the metallic smile, like in the case of patients who use metal braces.

Surveys also suggest that more than 1.4 million teenagers have already opted for clear-aligners-based treatment to get their smile back. These numbers are set to increase until the end of Dec 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dental veneers for Hollywood like smile 

One of the most prominent features of Hollywood stars is their dazzling smile. It can be achieved if teeth are gap-free, pearly, bright, and of course, white. 

Correcting an extensive array of dental impairments may need a lot of time. Thankfully, a simple procedure, involving the use of shell-like structures called dental veneers, can reinvent the smile. Dental veneers are tooth-colored wafer-thin custom-made shells bonded on the affected tooth’s front side to change its length, shape, and color. It is the perfect solution for misaligned, uneven, chipped, or broken teeth. Dentists also recommend the same to cover up the treated tooth after a root canal. These chips are made from resin composite, porcelain, or other soft materials. 

Trends suggest more and more individuals opt for this quick fix to reinstate their smiles and get their self-esteem back on track.

Gum reshaping or contouring process

These days several patients approach their dentists for gum contouring. The cosmetic procedure involves cutting away gum tissues that are excessive and cover too much of the teeth. The gum reshaping helps in handling uneven gums. The method can improve the health of gums and teeth, besides the patient’s smile. Teeth appear shapelier and longer after the reshaping process. 

Significance of in-office treatments 

Over-the-counter whitening products, including gels and trays, may not offer guaranteed results. Their outcomes cannot be predictable. On the other hand, dentists have several years of experience and also have an idea about the patient’s overall health. Thus, professionals can examine the teeth and recommend the right option to ensure there are no uncomfortable side effects. 

Patients have become aware of the fact that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. And only the best cosmetic dentist can offer a customized treatment resulting in whiteness that suits perfectly.

Put simply, a professional whitening session at the dental office results in more reliable and thorough whitening. Dentists assist patients with take-home as well as in-office whitening treatments that offer the same drastic results. They also recommend the right set of tools, including custom-made trays, to help patients brighten their smile. 

3D printers 

Thanks to 3D printers, dentists can create accurate implants, crowns, bridges, and other accessories required for restorative procedures. The computer-guided technology also allows patients to look at a digital preview that shows how the restoration would look after completion. 

Dental offices that do not use CAD/CAM for prosthetics and dental restorations opt for advanced 3D printing solutions. These devices can even print minor dental fixtures with more accuracy compared to CAD/CAM. 

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Virtual Reality to reduce the feeling of pain, anxiety, and fear

Some patients postpone their visit to the dental clinic due to the social awkwardness and issues with laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or sedatives. Now, professionals have found a new way to calm down anxious patients, thanks to VR headsets. There are multiple devices available in the market, but Operability’s OperaVR system happens to be the trendsetter

Dentists let patients choose between juggler or 3D videos (without360-degree imagery) with duration between two and twenty minutes. The dental care expert can perform critical procedures while the patient sits still, watching the content with the VR headset. Physicians use the same technology for reducing the pain experienced by burn care victims. More and more dental offices are making this option available for patients.