Types of Dentures and the recommended ones

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Types of Dentures and Recommendations

Dentures are basically removable dental appliances that can be used in the place of missing or weak teeth. It acts as a partial part or a whole set of your teeth and are helpful for people when they have weak teeth and who face difficulties in chewing and other activities. There are certain types of teeth dentures and the applicability is solely dependent on your requirement and stage of dental treatment. Conventional dentures can be attached to the natural teeth or can be rested on the gum, however, the implant-supported dentures go a little complex and are surgically attached to the jaws. Now what would work for you if you are planning for a denture treatment? To find out, continue reading. 

There are three types of dentures: Full dentures, Partial dentures and Implant Supported Dentures.

Full Dentures: As the name suggests, any set of dentures that would cover your whole teeth is called full dentures. This process gets a little complex but is the best option for people who have extremely weak or no teeth at all. To replace any patient’s teeth in the upper jaw, these full dentures have a flesh-colored base that actually covers the gums and the roof of the patient’s mouth, and allows the set of false teeth to sit and set firmly. These kinds of dentures are similar for lower mouth, but the acrylic base is in a different shape as the requirement suggests. Before the fitting full dentures happen, the dentist removes all the remaining teeth due to obvious reasons. The jawbone of your mouth would react to this process slowly, re-shaping over time. For an impeccable fit, the dentist might have to wait for many months prior to be able to assess the mouth and order one’s full dentures from the supplier. As during the process, the patient is left with no teeth, the dentist can easily measure the mouth before removing the dentures and then fit an immediate replacement to keep the patient comfortable in the interim. Later, the dentist fixes the actual reshaped denture that has a longer life and better comfort. Even though the process might sound a little complex, any well-known Implant Dentistry in Roswell or your city could do wonders to your life with the bets implant surgery.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures have a process that is a little different from full dentures. They just cover a part of your teeth and require a treatment which can be done even when only a couple of teeth are lacking in order to refill the gap. Partial tooth prosthetics can be connected to one’s inherent teeth in several ways, the most common being the usage metallic clips that make a grip to the innate teeth. The second option that your dentist or doctor might offer in a partial denture which comes with attachments and also are less noticeable. These dentures can also be attached to the crowns on the natural teeth. These crowns help in improving the fit of partial dentures, and are often required with the precision attachments. Partial dentures are preferred for patients who have different sets of teeth. Some patients find it very hard to go for full dentures as they have some teeth that are fresh and some extremely damaged. Before you go for a treatment, make sure you take an advice from one of the best dentistry in Roswell, as one cannot compromise when it comes to body, health and hygiene. 

Implant-Supported Dentures: Implant Supported Dentures are more complex than the above two but also the most preferred because of their long life and after convenience. As the name suggests, the Implant-supported dentures are attached to the jaw bone of the patient that extend from the gums. This is a surgical process and takes more than one meeting that is also followed by regular follow-ups for a couple of months. The Implant Supported dentures are more stable and convenient especially for the lower jaw and hence the preference. These implants are usually fixed at the front of the jaw.

These implants are usually subdivided into two parts: The Ball Attachment and the Bar Attachment.

  1. Ball Attachment: This type of ball attachment denture is processed differently. An entire set of lower dentures are snapped into the anchors for the denture. It helps in giving your teeth more natural purpose because they move much less than conventional dentures. It’s always important to choose the best Implant Dentistry in Roswell for any such treatment as anything other than that can be a little dangerous for your teeth.
  2. Bar Attachment: Bar attachment dentures use two-to-six implants in the lower jaw and that firmly anchors a full set of dentures in the place. A custom fitted bar that is measured according to your teeth and mouth size is firmly fixed into place. This process is done using retention clips. This process is called an “Over denture”. It holds the teeth in an extremely secured manner, and allows little shifts and movements for the convenient of eating and speaking. The patient can still remove the denture for cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures:

Implant Supported dentures look as good as real teeth; hence bring back the confidence in you. It actually makes one feel like it is their natural teeth. It is also helping in getting back the stability while one is eating. Many patients complain that before implant, they faced difficulty in eating, however, post implant; it becomes an extremely easy task for them. Implant Supported Dentures also help in preserving the patient’s function and appearance by keeping the supportive structures of one’s mouth engaged. Researches also prove that because implants are more convenient, they bring a better hygiene in the lives of the patient due to more convenience and relief in pain. Implants also allow a more structured and well-rounded diet for the patients.

Conclusion: Before you plan to get any treatment done, it is highly advisable to consult a family dentist or a dentist you trust. You can choose from the best Implant Dentistry in Roswell for your betterment. What’s most important is your health and it need not be compromised.