What Are Some Things That Dentists Know But Most People Don’t?

There are many things in the dental world that most people are not aware of. These facts may relate to brushing teeth, flossing, simile-related, weird dental facts and general oral health. With the clarity of several unknown dental facts, along with proper care of teeth like regular brushing and flossing, etc you can prevent gum diseases, tooth decay, etc and maintain great health for your tooth.
Brushing Your Teeth without Toothpaste:

When you brush your teeth with toothpaste, it can make your mouth feel fresh and that can be a pleasurable activity for you. However, from a practical point of view, it is not necessary to brush with a paste. It is possible to remove the food debris as well as plaque from teeth without using any toothpaste as well.

Removing of dental plaque remains very important criteria for keeping the teeth strong and healthy.

Plaque is a colorless, sticky, film of sugar and bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. It is acidic and it can break down the tooth enamel and form cavities, and can also irritate gums that can result in gingivitis, infection and tooth loss.

If you do not remove plaque consistently from the teeth, there can be the formation of a sticker substance called tartar. Tartar provides a perfect breeding place for the bacteria to grow under the teeth or the gum. By brushing your teeth thoroughly for at least two times a day, you can control the growth of plaque.

You do not need to use toothpaste for brushing your teeth for plaque removal. The use of a soft toothbrush and a good technique for brushing may be effective to remove plaque. Flossing, less intake of sugary foods, use of a soft toothbrush and a good brushing technique can keep your teeth in top shape.

Regular preventive care of your teeth including professional cleanings can definitely reduce the chances of having any serious dental issues. Toothpaste can taste good and that may be one of the reasons for people preferring to use toothpaste. However, dentists agree that the presence of fluoride in toothpaste may keep the tooth enamel strong and it can resist against the formation of cavities.

Therefore, before using the toothpaste you can ask your dentist for recommending the correct toothpaste for your teeth. If you at all want to use toothpaste, do not select your toothpaste purely based on advertisements. A pea-size drop of good toothpaste recommended by a dentist can be enough for your teeth cleaning purpose.

While brushing your teeth can be very important for maintaining the health of your teeth, it will not remove the particles of food and plaques under braces or gum line. You should know that your enamel is the hardest part of your body, but it is not invincible. Enamel protects the rest of the tooth and calcium and phosphate compose enamel like the bones but specific proteins and crystallites make it stronger.

It can be excellent for the protection of enamel if you do brushing even without toothpaste. However, enamel can still chip or crack due to various reasons like sugars and acids in soft drinks, or other bad food habits. It can start interacting with the bacteria in the mouth and make the start of tooth decay.

Along with brushing, you can choose to floss your teeth and it will depend on the amount of space you have between the teeth. Unwaxed floss may be better as per the recommendation of the dentists, as it is thinner and can be easy to slide through the small spaces. There may not be much effect on the type of floss that you use and you should be very careful during the use of floss so that it does not injure your gums.

Remember dentin grows but enamel doesn’t:

Dentin lies below the enamel and it is harder than a normal bone of a human being. Small channels and passageways transmitting nutrition and nerve signals through the tooth make dentin. Dentin continues to grow throughout your life while enamel is static and does not grow.

Moreover, enamel remains responsible for keeping the white appearance of your teeth. When there is decay in the enamel of your teeth, there can be a yellowish appearance of your teeth. The decay of enamel can be the main reason for creating the pain that you feel in your teeth and care of enamel is of utmost importance.

Infant Tooth Care:

If the infant loses teeth early, the remaining teeth will move and it will be difficult to have space for adult teeth to come in the limited space. Also, if you cannot prevent tooth decay, it can become very costly to treat and it can lead to excruciating pain and life-threatening infections. Tooth decay can be the most common chronic infectious disease of childhood, and healthy dental habits should start early as tooth decay can start immediately on the appearance of the first tooth.

Causes of tooth decay in infants:

Acid-producing bacteria infect the mouth of an infant and from here the tooth decay in infants starts. The parents and caregivers may be responsible for passing the bacteria to the babies through saliva. When you pass the same spoon to babies that parents used to test the food of the babies may be the root cause of sharing bacteria in the saliva.

An infant can start developing tooth decay when the teeth and gums are in contact with the food or liquid except for water for long or frequent periods throughout the day. Added sugar or natural sugar in the liquid or the food can change to acid by the bacteria present in the mouth. The acid can dissolve the outer part of the teeth and it can ultimately cause tooth decay.

Parents should try to avoid putting infants to bed with a bottle of milk or formula or juice, or sugar water, etc even when mixed with water. Infants can have milk only with meals and parents should not serve milk throughout the day or at nap time.

Tooth decay in an infant may first appear as white spots only at the gum line or at the upper front teeth. Parents should seek the help of a doctor early to identify the exact condition of the tooth decay with the proper equipment and to stop spreading of the decay. Brushing of the tooth for an infant should start as soon as the first tooth pokes out and toothbrushes moistened with water and a small amount of fluoride toothpaste can be good for brushing the teeth.

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