What Is Enameloplasty? Is It Extremely Necessary for You?

Enameloplasty, also known as odontoplasty, tooth shaving, or cosmetic dental recontouring, is a procedure of cutting or stripping parts of the enamel to alter a tooth’s shape, size, surface, or length.

Some people rely on the procedure to correct chipped teeth and minor imperfections in their front teeth. Some use it to make their smile more beautiful and enhance their teeth’s appearance.

At TruCare Dentistry, we believe that procedures like enameloplasty must be performed only by trained, experienced, and expert orthodontists or cosmetic dentists. We have crafted this blog post to help you know all the necessary things about the cosmetic dentistry procedure.

What enameloplasty treats?

Enameloplasty gives immediate results and can substitute braces and Invisalign in specific circumstances. The procedure is usually done on the front teeth, but it can be done on other teeth if the situation demands it.

The procedure can treat irregular-shaped teeth as well as remove all types of imperfections. It is also extremely useful to:

  • Correct chipped or crooked tooth
  • Remove irregularities in teeth
  • Make teeth compatible with veneers
  • Enhance smile following orthodontic procedures
  • Improve the appearance of teeth

As per an American Association of Orthodontics study, three-fourths of respondents said that enameloplasty enhanced their personal and professional relationships. Nine out of every ten of them said that they would recommend the same orthodontic procedure to others.

Steps in a standard enameloplasty procedure

As one of the fastest dental procedures, enameloplasty is completed in one sitting. It is a minimally invasive procedure that generally takes less than half an hour or forty-five minutes, depending on the skill of the professional. It may also take a bit longer based on the extent of recontouring and the number of teeth involved in the procedure.

A trained and certified cosmetic dentist, or an orthodontist, performs the procedure by using a dedicated tool such as a sanding disc, drill, or burr. The bur has an air rotor attached to it, which uses suction and high-flow water. Different burs are designed for different types of tooth contouring.

The dentist places the burs on the tooth surface and reshapes the tooth. During the procedure, the specialist removes all unnecessary enamel parts and materials. Following that, they contour or recontour, the tooth by using their aesthetic sense and removing all imperfections. After shaping the tooth to a suitable extent, the dentist will polish to give it a smooth finish.

Costs of enameloplasty

Apart from being one of the fastest and the least invasive dental procedures, enameloplasty is also among the least expensive ones. The average cost of the procedure ranges between $50 and $300 per tooth.

Being a cosmetic dentistry procedure, it usually is not covered in dental insurance plans. If you are considering a procedure, do check if your dental insurance covers it.

Risks of enameloplasty

Apart from the alterations to the tooth’s shape and size, a professionally-supervised enameloplasty doesn’t have huge side effects. It is one of the least aggressive forms of dental procedures and if it’s recommended and performed by an experienced and expert cosmetic dentist, then the reward outweighs the risk.

That said, enameloplasty has some side effects like any other dental procedure.

  • As the enamel cannot grow back or restore itself, the procedure is irreversible
  • Stripping too much enamel can increase the risks of cavities and infection
  • In some cases, it can expose the dentin and cause sensitivity
  • It can make the teeth more fragile and prone to cracks and nerve inflammation
  • Also, bruxism (teeth grinding) can cause damage to the teeth
  • Last but not the least; unsupervised procedures can cause irreversible damage to the teeth

Dangers of unsupervised enameloplasty

In the past few years, the procedure garnered a lot of attention on social media for all wrong reasons. Some social media users started abusing the procedure to make their teeth look like “shark teeth” to garner views and followers.

Many of them used various unaccepted methods to get the peculiar shapes. To make the matter worse, several companies offered discounted and free treatments in return for free promotions. All of these created a vicious cycle, which is not only extremely dangerous to the teeth and health of the influencers but also sends a wrong message to their followers.

When not performed by a well-trained and qualified cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist, an unsupervised enameloplasty can cause irreversible damage to the teeth. It won’t just make the natural teeth look unattractive and abnormal for a lifetime but can also affect oral hygiene and overall health.

The right candidate for enameloplasty

Enameloplasty is suitable for individuals who have healthy teeth with minor flaws and imperfections.

If you are an individual with an uneven front tooth, chipped tooth, or minor overlap between one tooth and the other, then enameloplasty may be right for you. But if you’re an individual with a loose tooth, decay, or any fundamental teeth problems then enameloplasty isn’t for you.

Before making any decision, it’s extremely important to get your teeth examined by a qualified and experienced dentist and adhere to their instructions.

Some alternatives to enameloplasty

If you are not the right candidate for enameloplasty, then don’t worry. There are still many treatment options that can change your teeth’s appearance, shape, and size. Here are some of them.

Bonding: In this procedure, a dentist will apply a tooth-colored composite resin material to your tooth to enhance its appearance and strength. In terms of cost, it ranges between $300 and $600 per tooth and it has a lifespan of three to ten years.

Crowns: In this, a dental professional will place a dental crown on the affected tooth to strengthen it and avoid any further damage. They cost from $200 to $600 per tooth and can last from ten to fifteen years.

Veneers: Being noninvasive, easy, and durable, these are an excellent substitute for enameloplasty. Available in various variants, these carry a price tag of $500 to $2500 for each tooth and have a longevity of five to ten years.

Overall, it may be said

Enameloplasty is a permanent method to correct imperfections in teeth and enhance the smile. But it is successful and effective when it’s performed by a trained and qualified orthodontist or a cosmetic dentist. If you are looking for an enameloplasty procedure in Roswell, GA, TruCare Dentistry can be the right destination for you. To know more about our service, contact us today.