What to Expect at Your Dental Check-Up?

What to Expect at Your Dental Check-Up

Visiting the dentist for a dental check-up is still a dreadful feeling for many. But, it is highly recommended to visit at least twice-yearly to prevent any kind of oral health issues. A thorough dental check-up is very crucial because the dentist will make sure to keep your gums and teeth healthy with the treatment and advice.

Dental Visit

Usually, an individual visits a dentist for two reasons.

  • General Check-up
  • Examination and the Cleaning

General Check-up – If it is the first visit then the hygienist will ask for the whole medical history. If it is not the first visit then they will ask about the changes in the health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, if an individual is on any ongoing new medications and other details. It is very important before treating that they know about the health issues, allergies, or anxieties so that avoiding any type of incidents and to ensure that you get the best care while treating.

Examination and the Cleaning – At the dental check-up the dentist will examine the gums and teeth. If there are any cavities that are being formed the dentist will advise for cavity removal. Later, checks for tartar or plaque that is formed on the teeth and removes it too because they can cause severe oral diseases if not removed, next the gums will be thoroughly examined which is done by using a special type of tool to measure the depth of the spaces that are between the gums and teeth. If the gums are healthy then the spaces are shallow. The spaces will be deeper if an individual has any sort of gum disease.

After the examination, the hygienist cleans the teeth and also gives advice about caring for the teeth.

Twice-yearly check-up

It is very important to visit the dentist twice a year. Because only a dentist will see and understand the oral and dental issues that have formed in your mouth. The dentist’s well-examination will identify any types of decays that are present. And those won’t be visible until they become severe and cause pain till it reaches an advanced stage. For the well-treatment of oral health issues the sooner the problem is found the better it can be managed.


The next thing is the dental x-rays. Based on an individual’s age, risks of disease, and other symptoms, the dentist might recommend x-rays. The x-rays are the best source to diagnose the problems that are usually hidden and unnoticed. Those include damage to the jawbones, cysts, tumors, impacted teeth, abscesses, and any type of decay between the teeth.

Once the x-ray is done a clear picture of the mouth will be visible so the dentist can see and get clear insights if there are any issues in the mouth. The image will show all the visible parts of your teeth, and roots that are present below the gum line and jawbones. The dentist will know all the details that are happening in the mouth and then will treat and advise the required oral care.

At TruCare Dentistry Roswell, the modern advanced machines will be used that emit virtually no radiation, give for easy storage, and take less time than compared to the traditional machines. The expert dental care services are highly safe and very convenient.


Once the dental examination is completed the dentist will give suggestions on how to take proper oral care to avoid any further oral health problems. For the next step, the dentist might ask you to visit again and schedule an appointment. The dentist might also advise about the things that should be done for oral care at home. Following religiously the dentist’s advice will ensure great benefits.

Things to between the Dental Visits

Take utmost care of the gums and teeth between the dental visits. On teeth plaque always gets formed, it can be easily managed by regularly brushing and flossing. The best tips for good oral health care are:

  • Brushing the teeth twice a day especially in the morning and before going to sleep in the night.
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Floss Often
  • Using a mouthwash that helps in controlling the plaque bacteria formation on teeth.

Contact the dentists immediately if you feel any kind of swelling, teeth hurt. Issues like broken teeth are an emergency and visit the dentist right away.

Schedule Next Appointment

The final and the main step of the dental check-up is scheduling the next appointment. Even if you follow all the oral care tips effectively that is suggested by the dentist, visiting the dentist for regular check-ups, monitoring, cleaning will safe-guard the teeth and gums from any kind of oral diseases. Also, ask questions to the dentist and clear your oral care doubts.

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