Why Do Babies Need Teether?

baby teether toy

Teething is one of the uncomfortable phases for babies. In this stage, babies might get cranky and frustrated easily, which creates anxiety for the parents. As teething is the major milestone development, the first few teeth will be painful for babies. The teething phase for a baby will differ from one another. From the first few months of through the first year, babies can experience teething. It is believed that babies are teething when they start to drool. But, sometimes teething babies do not drool at all. Every baby is unique, so is their development phase.

Here are the most likely noticeable symptoms to know if a baby is teething; 

  • Excessive drooling
  • Crankiness or irritability
  • Chewing on items
  • sore and swollen gums

Most of the time, parents are concerned about soothing the child for teething. Well, there are plenty of teether toys available in the market. Babies do feel relief and comfort when they chew teether. Actually, the teether toy puts pressure on the tender gum, making the baby soothe the pain quickly. 

Why do babies use teether?

Babies tend to explore everything by putting an item in their mouths. All that mouthing encourages a baby to move her tongue inside the mouth. This gives the child experience of their mouth and gums. The motion inside the mouth also helps in learning the speech sounds. 

But, while they pass through the teething phase, their urge to put all things in mouth increases. The chewing on things eases their pains. Teethers are specially designed for young children. Babies chew on toys might because of other reasons too. The chewing is not necessarily associated with the teething. 

You may have noticed that your baby chews on a blanket, keys, toys, and whatever things she can pick on. Since babies love to chew and teethe on whatever they can find, teethers are the best toy to offer them to chew rather than any other things. 

Choosing the teether

You need special attention while making a selection of the teether. Whether you opt for natural teething toys or teething rings for babies, you should assess the toy thoroughly. Understand the use of a toy, safety hazards, and other details before ending up a teether for your little one. 

Besides, keeping the following features in mind will help you to select the best one.


This is the first factor you should look for while choosing the best teething toys. You do not want to replace the teether frequently, do you? Find the teethers made of sturdy silicone, rubber, or wood that will not fall apart after a few uses.

Keep in mind that babies can be rough with teethers because they are trying to soothe their gums with it. So, it is advisable to choose the durable one. 


Choose the teether that is super easy to clean. There are a variety of teether toys available in the market with different shapes. But, always chose the toy that offers easy cleaning and sterilizing. You can also look for the safe dishwasher tether that could be sterilized with steam in a microwave or boiled.


Generally, the teether is not expensive. It falls under the affordable baby toys. However, different brands will offer a different price. So, make sure you are not spending more money on the toy that you can buy for a low amount. 


The design of the teether plays a vital role to soothe a baby. The teether you have selected should have;

  • Grip for the baby to hold the toy
  • A texture that can soothe gums
  • Bigger pieces to children

Hence, teethers are specially designed toys that soothe babies’ pain while they are teething. No matter what you do to prevent babies not to put anything in the mouth, it will not work. Babies will put everything in their mouth while they are reaching the milestone. So, it is better to get them a safe and reliable teething toy, be it natural teething toys or teething rings for babies. Besides, when babies’ first tooth erupts, you should plan a child’s dental checkup. TruCare Dentistry is always open for routine children’s dental checkup. You can also contact us for any other dental problems for your baby or adult in your family. Give us a call or book an appointment!