Why Preventive Dentistry is So Important For You At All Stages of Your Life

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Preventive Dentistry at TruCare Dentistry Roswell

Prevention is always better than cure, especially if there is no cure as is the case with decayed teeth. Teeth that fall out or are pulled out do not grow back. That is just one reason. There are other reasons to make preventive dentistry a part of your life starting from childhood. You will find that choosing a trusted preventive dental care Roswell GA clinic is a good idea.

What exactly is preventive dental care?

Preventive dental care is, simply put, taking good care of your teeth and gums and the entire oral cavity to prevent damage and disease.

Basic preventive dental care is something you do at home by regular brushing in the morning and at night and, preferably, after you eat anything. However, this may not prevent the formation of plaque or identification of issues that could aggravate over time and result in periodontal disease or dental caries. The better practice is to schedule regular visits to your friendly preventive dental care clinic to keep teeth strong, healthy and white. Your dentist will give a professional cleaning to remove plaque buildup. At the same time your oral cavity receives a thorough examination to examine health of gums and teeth. You also receive guidance on proper dietary practice. If there are any latent issues your dentist identifies them and takes suitable action. Preventive dentistry should start at a young age, when teeth first emerge and continue right throughout life.

Gum disease

Poor oral hygiene means food particles remain stuck in the gaps and become breeding ground for bacteria to flourish and release acids that can eat away protective enamel. Besides, your gums are affected and exhibit tenderness, soreness and inflammation. This is the first stage known as gingivitis. If ignored it progresses to periodontitis. Gums become weak and recede and cannot provide proper support to the teeth. Besides, you suffer from bad breath. Periodontitis can have graver consequences. Prevent this situation from arising by visiting a clinic for general dentistry and nip gum related problems in the bud.

Then there is the discomfort you have to bear such as pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and the risk of tooth loss due to periodontitis. You could have an abscess. Pregnant women face complications like the low birth weight of the baby and preeclampsia.

Health issues

Neglect can cause bacteria from the oral cavity to enter the bloodstream and reach your heart, causing cardiovascular problems. There is also the risk of respiratory disease and diabetes. Your bones are likely to be affected. These are complications you can do without because treatment for these diseases is expensive not forgetting the fact that your life is at risk. It costs so little for preventive dental care Roswell GA clinic offers that you can consider it as a form of insurance against poor oral hygiene is responsible for graver health issues.

Loss of self-esteem and confidence

Poor dental care shows in several ways. Staining of teeth, bad breath, tarter affects overall confidence level of a person.

Teeth health

Neglect your teeth and this is what happens. Bacteria flourish and their byproducts damage the protective outer enamel of your teeth. Your teeth develop caries and cavities. Neglect them still more and decay sets in. This is when you experience pain and discomfort that will act as an impediment in your normal life. You may not be able to sleep due to toothache and you may not be able to focus on work. A decayed tooth means the additional expense of extraction and then another additional expense of an implant. You pay out of pocket or rely on insurance but pay you must besides having to bear the pain and effects on your health, all of which can be avoided by getting teeth cleaned and checked regularly by your friendly dentist.

Preventive dentistry starts at an early age

  • If you are a parent you will need to be particularly attentive to oral hygiene of your baby even before teeth emerge. Simple things like cleaning the baby’s mouth so that no trace of milk remains is a good practice.
  • When milk teeth emerge a visit to your dentist is a good idea to check for inflammation or bacterial infection.
  • It is even more important when milk teeth fall out and permanent teeth start to emerge. Regular visits to your dentist will help him to find out if teeth are emerging straight or if there are any problems. Your child’s food habits could cause caries, an issue that can be addressed with proper guidance. Crooked teeth can be straightened at this age with the help of braces.
  • Wisdom teeth emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. This is also a time for preventive checkup because not all wisdom teeth emerge straight. X-rays and checkup can detect impacted teeth and the sooner such teeth are extracted, the better it is to keep safe the other teeth.
  • Your teeth may be healthy when you are an adult but that is not a reason for neglect. Neglect, as shown above, causes problems to gums and teeth and eventually results in systemic ill health. You are busy and cannot afford toothache or the expense of tooth removal and implants. Just keep visiting your dentist once in two months for preventive dentistry.
  • As you grow older it becomes even more important to care for your teeth because, with advancing age your teeth wear out and need proper preventive care. Diabetes and other health conditions may affect teeth so maintaining good oral health is imperative.

Preventive dentistry is not difficult, expensive or time-consuming. Follow your dentist’s instructions and visit the preventive dental care clinic for a regular checkup to enjoy the use of natural teeth for a lifetime.