Why we need to take the help of root canal therapy in Roswell?

Root-Canal-TreatmentRoot canal treatment is done basically to salvage or repair a damaged or severely infected tooth. Via this procedure, the dentist removes the infected part of the given tooth. He then disinfects it, cleans it, does a filling in it, and seals it. By some, this treatment is also called endodontic treatment.

What is the root canal system?

In effect, there is a space inside the layers of each and every tooth called the root canal system. The dentist fills in this system with soft dental pulp which is a mass of blood and nerves. Before root canal therapy came into existence, dentists had to perforce extract any infected tooth or teeth. This was without giving any chance to remove the infected area and replace it.

At most times, the pulp is damaged due to a cavity or cavities in the tooth or teeth. The tooth or teeth can also get cracked due to an injury or a fall. If left untreated, the infected pulp can accumulate at the tip of the root and result in abscess formation. The bone which is around and about the tooth can even get totally eaten up or destroyed due to this abscess.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that has several steps in it. First, an opening is cut up through the crown of a premolar or molar. This can even be done via the back of the front tooth. The diseased or infected pulp is removed. Then, the root canals and the pulp chamber are cleaned up properly. These are then shaped up and even enlarged.

At times a single visit to the dentist is not enough for this procedure. At such times, a temporary filling is placed in the crown opening. On the next trip, this temporary filling is removed. The pulp chamber is filled up with permanent filling. A substance called gutta-percha is inserted into the canals and this is sealed into its final resting place. Sometimes, plastic or metallic rod is inserted into the canal for giving more bodily support. Finally, a crown is placed over the tooth to give a good look to the tooth.

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