What’s the ideal age for undergoing orthodontic treatment? Can it be done without wearing braces?

Orthodontic dental treatment deals with problems linked to improperly positioned teeth, jaws. Overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline, crowding, and spacing related issues need this treatment. These dental issues, especially crooked teeth, can result in stress on the chewing … Continued

Here’re points to be considered before using baking soda for brushing

Records indicate that baking soda/sodium bicarbonate was used as an essential ingredient in several ancient Egyptian medicines. These days, it is used in multiple items, right from foodstuff, medicines, toothpaste, to fire extinguishers and cockroach sprays. When mixed with water, … Continued

How to Clean Your Dentures and Prevent Bacteria From Building Up

Dentures are not good as natural teeth. However, it helps in meeting aesthetics and functions for many people. The best solution for fallen teeth is to get implants but implants are more expensive or not possible due to heath issues … Continued

How does smoking cigarettes result in dental implant failure?

When it comes to crucial developments in dentistry, the dental implant placement procedure makes it in the list of top five. Implants help individuals to regain their lost chewing power, jaw support, and in controlling facial sagging. The credit for … Continued