All You Need To Know About Kids Losing Teeth

Kids losing Teeth
  • Why do kids start losing teeth?
  • When do kids start losing teeth?
  • What to do when teeth start loosening?

If you are looking for the answer to the above questions, you have landed at the right spot. It is natural for baby teeth to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth.

Taking care of oral health is as imperative as concern for other health issues. When it comes to dental care for children, parents should pay extra attention because they might not acknowledge the problem. Losing teeth is one of the most common oral health issues all parents encounter for their kids.

This article explains all-inclusive information about kids losing teeth. Let’s explore the details right here!

What to do when kids’ teeth become loose?

This is a natural process for your children. Kids’ primary (deciduous) teeth start to replay by permanent teeth between the ages of 6 to 12. When teeth start losing, kids are tempted to wiggle a loose tooth. However, it is never advisable to pull the tooth or wiggle it. This practice may create damage to the tooth and surrounding structure of the mouth.

It is a fact that very loose teeth give a difficult experience while brushing or eating. But, as per the rules mentioned in dentistry for children, never try to pull the loose tooth. If the tooth is very loose and ready to come out, it will fall away without any problem.

So, what’s the next? when a tooth falls out

Once the tooth falls out, it is time to reinforce the importance of good oral care among children. In this situation, parents’ role becomes more intense where they should encourage their children to follow good dental hygiene habits.

  • Be an example and remind your child to brush their teeth twice a day.
  • Encourage them to follow proper brushing techniques 
  • Teach your child how to floss or another kid-friendly interdental cleaning device
  • Encourage them to limit sugary or other unhealthy snacks.
  • Schedule regular visits to the dentist who can guide you on the important factors about dentistry for children. 

Special care for kids’ losing tooth 

The entire process of losing baby teeth will happen on its own. However, there are certain care tips that you should pass on to your child. 

It is natural for some to bleed while losing a tooth. So, make your child aware of this fact and let them stay calm while they are bleeding. Also, make sure they do not panic in this situation. Create a calm environment. Your child should rinse with warm water to help speed the process. You can also use a warm washcloth after the tooth has fallen out to clean the area.

Usually, your child should resume routine brushing and flossing habits after the tooth has fallen out. Nevertheless, make sure they do not rigorously brush on the area of the lost tooth (to prevent discomfort or irritation on the gums). 

Is losing teeth normal?

Absolutely! losing teeth is a natural process for children. But, sometimes, they may be embarrassed by the gap in their teeth when they go out. So, it is important to let the child know about the facts and make him comfortable about it. This is also high time to remind your child that adult teeth are permanent considerately. And, the permanent teeth will get no more replacements. Also, make them aware of all sorts of proper dental habits and their importance. 

Moreover, as a parent, you should regularly visit your dentist event if your child does not have any dental issues. This practice will form a habit of visiting a dental clinic, which helps in preventing many severe dental issues before they occur. When you take your child to the dentist regularly from an early age, they easily understand the importance of oral health maintenance. Also, in the future, if they require advanced dental procedures later, it helps them to stay calm, comfortable in the dental office environment. 

All in all, losing teeth is not a cause of concern, but aftercare is. It is natural for baby teeth to fall out and be replaced by a permanent one. So, when your kid’s teeth lose and fall out, encourage them to follow good dental hygiene habits. Besides, if you experience a complication while the tooth falls out, visit your dentist immediately.

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