What Makes TruCare the Best Choice for Children Dentistry in Roswell, GA

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What Makes TruCare the Best Choice for Children Dentistry in Roswell, GA

Pediatric dentistry refers to the dental treatment of dental care for children starting from their infancy, through their teenage years to adolescence.

By itself, dentistry is a difficult discipline to pursue. With pediatric dentistry, the issue is compounded by the fact that children’s feelings are manifold stronger than an adult’s, whether it be crippling fear or blissful ignorance. A pediatric dentist must work much harder to get a child to really care about and for their dental health and seek treatment for problems. However, what makes a children’s dentist truly good is how well they are able to work with children to provide care specialized for the needs of a child. Pediatric Dentistry is much more difficult than general dentistry and we will talk about why.

How is Pediatric Dentistry Different from General Dentistry

The first and most obvious reason for children dentistry requiring greater care is that children are harder to care for. Any doctor for children, be they pediatricians or pediatric surgeons, need to have special understanding of the psychology of a child. A subject you can broach openly with an adult needs to be done more understandingly and delicately with a child. You cannot just go and tell them “You have a rotting tooth. We need to take it out.” That will only traumatize them and make them scared of dental care. Most of dental anxiety stems from such childhood experience. Thus, a pediatric dentist needs to take this into account at every point.

Moreover, the dental and general physiological conditions, needs, and abilities of a child are different from that of an adult. For example, a pediatric dentist must always take into account the fact that a young child has a secondary set of teeth that must be kept undamaged in all treatments. Or that the anesthesia that is harmless for an adult can seriously affect a child. These are fairly non-technical issues but there is way more nitty-gritty in pediatric dentistry than just these.

Another matter that must also be taken into account in pediatric dentistry is that children grow. This sounds like an innocuous concern but really is not. What we mean will become clear if we choose one of the easiest subjects this applies to – braces. When you put braces on a child, a pediatric dentist will have to ensure that at no point does the pressure on the teeth or gums become so high that it distorts the normal growth of the jaw and does more harm than good.

Statistics show that children are far more prone to be victims of dental problems than asthma or fever. Because the damage in your teeth is harder to perceive, they get ignored frequently, be it an adult or a child. Moreover, children frequently consume sweets and other such foods that are notorious for causing dental issues but do not follow oral health regimens strictly. This makes them far more prone to dental symptoms. If they do not get proper dental care from their dentist these will aggravate and convert to serious dental diseases later in life. That is why it is doubly important to provide proper dental care to children and take them regularly to a good dentist.

Why is TruCare the Best Children Dentistry in Roswell, GA

Advanced technology. continuous training and years of experience have made TruCare the most loved and renowned clinic for dental care for children. No matter what the dental needs of your child is, we provide it right here.

The dentist at TruCare provides all kinds of dental treatments specialized for children. At TruCare, dental treatments provided include root canal therapy, cosmetic procedures, mouthguards, gum disease treatment, chipped or cracked teeth, injury or trauma involving teeth, filling of cavities, tooth extraction, and any other treatment that your child may need. We provide holistic dental care for children, which include, but are not limited to:

Dental care for children, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Oral examination
  • Dental sealant
  • Dental cleaning
  • Tooth decay prevention
  • Preventive care
  • Nutrition counselling

We treat children right from infancy to their adolescent years. Not only that, but we also provide emergency dental care specially adapted for children. You can visit TruCare even if you just need counselling regarding the dental care of children.

TruCare Dentistry is run by Dr. Toral Ardeshna, she not only looks after the dental and cosmetic needs of the adults of Roswell but is also takes care of children’s dental care needs.