BOTOX Treatment: Pros and Cons

Botox Treatment

BOTOX, renowned cosmetic dentistry, is used for the treatment of wrinkles and certain muscular conditions. It temporarily relaxes the muscles by paralyzing them. It is used around the mouth, forehead, jaw, and other areas.

Botox Treatment helps in providing a youthful, refreshed look as well as soften your wrinkles. According to a survey, in 2019, people have spent around 560 million  US dollars in Botox Treatment, and hence it is one of the widely used cosmetic procedures in the US.  

What does Botox signify?

Botox can be elaborated as ‘botulinum toxin.’ It is a bacteria that causes a harmful form of food poisoning called ‘botulism.’ In simple words, Botox, when injected in the body, interrupts the nerve impulses of the face or anywhere in the body.

Some of the standard treatment areas are the lines that furrow the forehead when eyebrows are raised. When someone smiles or squint, the crow’s feet appear and the creases that appear between your eyebrows while frowning.

These symptoms, also called ‘overuse wrinkles,’ are caused by tensions in the underlying muscles. The underlying muscle contract and squeezes the skin like an accordion. Here, Botox plays a significant role by relaxing these muscles. It also keeps this excess contraction and the ensuing wrinkles from appearing for three to six months.

When Botox is used for the treatment there are some side effects.A mouth drool or a temporary droopy can take place if a non-practitioner injects the wrong muscle. It could even take a few months. However, even a perfectly executed Botox procedure may lead to minor annoyances. One might not even be able to express their facial gestures, depending upon the wrinkles being treated.

For instance, an individual might not be just able to raise or full flow his eyebrows. The good part that arises is that Botox will wear off within 5-6 months, even if there’s a little mishappening. When it disappears, clients may choose if they wish to have another Botox treatment.

We are unable to find any particular treatment which can be used to cure the issue permanently. We must stick to the fact that rare signs can be observed from a well-trained aesthetic physician.

Professional Aesthetic physicians are well aware of when Botox will not be useful for the client. Some wrinkles may lead to the loss of elasticity because of aging. Aging may even cause your skin to crumble and sag.

Although there are some treatments specifically targeting wrinkles, however, Botox is not among them. Botox helps in smoothing skin and relaxes it.

Let us talk about some of the significant pros and cons in detail: –

Pros of BOTOX® Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry

  • No downtime: The Botox treatment might cause a tiny bruise. However, in the majority of cases, it leaves almost no marks on the skin.
  • Prevent Wrinkles: Cosmetic Dentistry prevents the muscles’ contraction by targeting and attacking the proteins that trigger the contractions.
  • Quick Results: You can notice the results as soon as you receive the injection. Botox is effective in significant cases.
  • FDA approved: FDA had passed approval for Botox since it consists of a minimum amount of risk and almost no side effects.

Cons of Botox treatment

  • Temporary Solution: An individual who starts Botox injection has to continue it every 3-5 months if they wish to maintain their beauty in the long run.
  • Allergic Reaction: This can be a reaction for those who find drugs allergic to themselves.
  • Cost: Cosmetic Dentistry might cost something between $250 to $1500. However, this may depend on the amount of product required to relax your facial muscles.

Final words:

Botox treatment is a highly effective treatment and offers lots of long time benefits to people. You must consult a specialist before taking BOTOX® Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry to get better results. You can contact TrueCare Dentistry for Botox treatment.