Here’re points to be considered before using baking soda for brushing

Records indicate that baking soda/sodium bicarbonate was used as an essential ingredient in several ancient Egyptian medicines. These days, it is used in multiple items, right from foodstuff, medicines, toothpaste, to fire extinguishers and cockroach sprays. When mixed with water, … Continued

Can Veneers and Lumineers bring your teeth in shape before braces?

Veneers or braces based treatments are two of the most preferred corrective procedures around the world. Both are different forms of treatment that help in correcting multiple issues faced by the patient. Veneers There are several procedures to reshape odd-looking … Continued

Know Everything About Dental Veneer And Its Applications

When it comes to the list of available options to cover chipped or broken tooth surface, veneer, often referred to as porcelain laminate, remains the most preferred choice. Here’re some crucial aspects of veneer treatment for teeth. What is teeth … Continued