Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

With modernisation and technological advancement, various treatment meant to enhance the lifestyle of personals have spurred up. Cosmetic dentistry might be regarded as any kind of work relating to dentition, gums or mouth that contributes in elevating the overall appearance of the gums and teeth. The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance and improve the dental aesthetics in terms of the position, colour, size, shape, alignment and the overall appearance of the smile. Although not formally a speciality field in the world of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry has great importance in the modern world.

Pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry

In simple words, the branch of dentistry concerned majorly with the aspect of enhancing the appeal of the smile is called cosmetic dentistry. No matter what the concerned treatment is, all kinds of treatments is packed with certain advantages and some disadvantages. The advantages or pros of cosmetic dentistry can be listed as follows.

  • Boosting the self-confidence: In the world where the physical look carries a certain weightage, a treatment that is capable of adding sparks to the smile and hence the look of the face is worth getting some credit. Many individuals are not born with a superb and perfectly shaped dentition. Thus, they prefer to smile covering their mouth and hence the successful portrayal of happiness or glow cannot take place. Bad teeth might also cause hindrance in professional acceleration. Thus, comes to rescue the cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry has the power to fix improper teeth and gum structure, thus boosting up the self confidence of many.
  • Captivating young look: Maintaining healthy teeth carries with it numerous advantages. It not only keeps the internal health of an individual proper but completely changes the facial look of a personal. Healthy teeth can cut the biological age of a personal by many years and hence portrays a young and vibrant look. A sparkling smile lit up the entire face.
  • Elevating the health standard: Poor oral health can cause various health issues. To name a few kidney problems, heart diseases, oral cancer and even diabetes can spur up. Decaying tooth and gum disease are not to be forgotten too. Cosmetic dentistry motivates personals to take good care of their teeth and hence can result in eradication of the health hazards.

On the other hand the disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry can be studied under the following heads.

  • Cost: The treatment that has so much of potential to change lives definitely does not come with a low price. Cosmetic dentistry involves various treatments and surgeries. Procedures like orthodontia and implants are not very cost effective. The ones without an insurance cover might face financial constraints.
  • Sensitivity of teeth: The celebrated treatment called whitening is packed with a con named sensitivity. Whitening can enhance the temperature sensitivity of the teeth to much height. Intaking wine and berries can add sensitivity of the teeth and cause uncomforting sensation.
  • Permanent treatment: It must be remembered that once a cosmetic dentistry is done, it cannot be reversed. Thus, proceeding by being 100% confident is absolutely necessary.

Why cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic surgery is essential to fix various tooth related problems and issues. The advantages as discussed above have brought to light various boons of the field of dental science. But it is essential to look into the specific contributions of cosmetic dentistry too. The following treatments encompass the list of the intervention of cosmetic dentistry.

  • Teeth whitening solutions: Among the numerous procedures to restore the whiteness of the teeth, the most effective way out is bleaching. Tooth whitening is one of the most demanded treatments at various cosmetic dental clinics. A qualified dentist utilising the bleaching agents performs the treatment and can provide long lasting and intense result. Teeth whitening can happen in a range of 4 to 8 shades.
  • Veneers: In this process extremely thin shells are formulated to cover up the front part of the tooth. Made out of porcelain substance or resins, the natural tooth coloured element are applied to the tooth only after eliminating a minute part of tooth enamel. This helps in easy gluing. With proper artistry the size, shape, colour and length of the teeth can be successfully altered.
  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding comes as a rescue at instances of patients suffering from cracked, decaying or misshaped teeth. A plastic resin is applied to the teeth and is allowed to harden. A final trim and polish are sure to set the tooth in great shape.
  • Dental implant and crown: When the entire tooth is decayed and calls for replacement, the call of the hour is designing a dental implant. Placement of a sound and durable dental crown on the cavity or broken tooth can help protect the other teeth from being affected. Dental implant on the other hand is essential when the entire tooth is missing. Tooth roots made from titanium are located directly in the bone socket, placed immediately below the gum line.

Advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening

As stated above whitening of teeth is a procedure to whiten the appearance of the teeth. Needless to say bright and white teeth bring along with it certain advantages like enhancing the overall appeal of the face especially the mouth area. Thus, a complementary beautiful smile is what is gifted alongside. This helps boost up confidence of personals and even help in acceleration in professional fields.

The side effects on the other hand of teeth whitening are not to be ignored. Irritation of the gum and sensitivity of the teeth are the most common after effects. If the whitening trays are not fitted properly, the chances of irritation elevates. If an extremely strong bleaching agent is used in the process subsequent burning of soft tissues can occur. This can result in burning throat and further lead to stomach upset.

BOTOX Treatment in Roswell

Roswell, the celebrated city placed in Georgia at the United States has the flourishing provision of Botox treatment. In the process, small portions of botulinum toxin is injected in the jaw muscles. This weakens the muscles and hinders involuntary contraction of the jaw muscles and grinding of the teeth. Thus, the procedure slows the teeth grinding due to wear and tear by relaxing the muscles. Periodic headache is common after the treatment, but it is likely to be fine within 48 hours.
Well established and long practising professionals have brought the Botox treatment well within the reach of residents in Roswell. Intricate artistry is performed to carry out the task without compromising the comfort and convenience of the patients. Good service coupled with great after treatment care has popularised the Botox treatment in Roswell.