Everything that you should know about Fluoride Treatment

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Fluoride is an essential mineral necessary for enhancing and maintaining dental health. It is the ionic form of the mineral fluorine. Fluoride helps in better absorption of calcium and phosphorus and hinders bacterial growth. Fluoride is especially beneficial to people … Continued

Here’re some safety tips for individuals planning to try teeth whitening for the first time

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Almost everyone can afford that dazzling smile, thanks to advanced and affordable teeth-whitening options. Individuals can opt for treatments performed at the dentist’s office or choose one of the over-the-counter solutions to take care of stained or darkened teeth. There … Continued

Is replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite a complicated procedure?

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Poor dental hygiene, lack of fluoride, or consuming too much sugary foodstuff and drinks are some of the reasons that cause cavities. Fortunately, simple dental fillings can help in replacing the lost tooth structure and stopping the decay from causing … Continued

Here’re points to be considered before using baking soda for brushing

Records indicate that baking soda/sodium bicarbonate was used as an essential ingredient in several ancient Egyptian medicines. These days, it is used in multiple items, right from foodstuff, medicines, toothpaste, to fire extinguishers and cockroach sprays. When mixed with water, … Continued