Dental Emergency: Toothache Relief

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Dental Emergency: Toothache Relief

Dental emergency is the biggest annoyance one can deal with. It is always important to ensure emergency dentist list for all sorts of dental emergencies. In order to ensure proper methodological treatment, one should always keep their dentist’s number handy or any dentist emergency in Roswell for any problem that might occur in the future.

What is an Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dental care is a service that most dentist provide in order to help their patients with their dental problems during emergencies. These emergencies include many emergencies such as Sudden Toothaches.
Sudden Toothaches are extremely painful and they can get so problematic that might affect your daily routine so much that it would hinder you from going to your local dentist for the same.

The symptoms for a toothache include:

  • Irritated gums,
  • Inflammation around the gums etc,
  • Generalized mouth pain,
  • Swelling around the tooth,
  • Bleeding.

Even though most patients ignore toothache, but it can be a symptom of another problem that is more major than this. So why take risks? Talk to your emergency dentist in any such case. Toothache can cause many problems if left untreated. Hence it is important to take care of these small problems and follow a record by a Dental emergency in Roswell.

What Causes Toothache?

The most important part of any tooth is the pulp. Pulp refers to the soft area that is in the centre of the tooth. It delivers the sensations of sensitivity when a patient eats something too hot or too cold to the tooth. The pulp of the teeth contains the blood vessels, the nerve, and connective tissues.

One would experience toothache when the pulp is stimulated or irritated. If you have any toothache, you would experience pain, soreness or ache in or around the teeth. The pain can be extreme or less depending upon the situation and patient’s dental hygiene. It can also depend on any dental treatment that is ongoing. In case of any such problem, an emergency dentist should be there to the rescue.

Usually, toothaches are caused due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • Tooth Decay: Tooth decay occurs when any bacteria eats through the hard enamel outer layer of the patient’s tooth. Tooth decays are one of the most common problems in many patients and the pain caused by the same is usually less post the treatment.
  • Gum Disease: Gum diseases are the infection of the gums like gingivitis. These cause bacteria which eventually build up around the roots and results in major toothaches. This kind of a problem is very common in patients who have a major sweet consumption.
  • Sensitivity: 8 out of 10 patients with a dental history definitely face the problem of sensitivity. It is developed from the tissue that lies underneath the enamel and cementum. It is a result of cavities, cracked teeth and worn fillings. Sensitive teeth, if left untreated, create a problem for many in eating or any activity that requires teeth movement.
  • Abscess: The problem with this kind of issue is that many are unaware of it. This happens when a part or all the pulp dies inside the teeth and further creates a pocket in the teeth.
  • Teeth clenching: This occurs while sleeping and without you knowing it. Hence, it is toughly detectable. This is also called Teeth Grinding.
    • Pulpitis – Tooth decays extend very deep into the pulp of the tooth and causes inflammation and irritation. This can also increase to an extreme that the pain becomes irresistible.
    • Fractured tooth – Any crack or split happened or caused while biting on something hard or getting hit in the jaw or face or falling with something hard results in a fractured tooth. It creates a problem in sensitivity and affects the nearby areas of the tooth.

For any of these emergencies, the only resort is relying on an emergency dentist or being aware of a well-known Dental Emergency in Roswell.

How can you stop toothache with home remedies?

Salt and Hot water

Arguably the most common and effective way to get rid of a terrible toothache is having warm salt water. Many emergency dentists suggest the same in case of no medicine and odd hours. This draw out the fluids from the gums hence, helping you get away from all the pain.

The process is to mix 1 tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinsing or gargling it off. It is 100% proven and extremely efficient way to deal with a toothache in case of emergency.

Ice or Cold Compress:

If you have too much of toothache, using ice can also be a good option. The reason for this is that ice actually takes the pain away, giving the teeth or affected area a relief. It has been used as one of the best ways to lessen the pain since years now. In case you don’t have any emergency dentist, you can try and rest the toothache until you meet your dental emergency in Roswell or your city.

Tooth Pain Relief

Even though the above home remedies are great, they are temporary. A good dental treatment for tooth care is as important as any other treatment of your body. The relief that you get using household items might help you take rest overnight or for a span of time but it is definitely not out f the way. Hence, a water-salt solution can never be used as the resort to the whole problem. Rather, it is just a temporary solution. In case you find it hard for to visit your emergency dentist, you can use these methods but it is always important to otherwise prefer talking to your dentist on a call before taking any step especially if you have been in between an on-going treatment lately.