How Dental Implants Is Advantageous?

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In spite of much awareness regarding the importance of oral hygiene, millions of Americans suffer due to tooth decay, and periodontal diseases. Fortunately, thanks to the overall improvement in dental science, damaged and even missing teeth in the mouth can be replaced with dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants? Can Every Patient Undergo Surgery For The Same?

A surgical procedure is performed to replace the tooth’s natural root with a titanium-made dental implant root. After being placed in the jaw bone, the titanium-made part (small screw) easily integrates with the jaw like a natural root within a few days.

The osseointegration process ensures the new tooth remains in place and provides natural support to the jawbone. The visible part of the implanted tooth that remains above the bone is made from porcelain. Its color can be adjusted to pair it with the remaining teeth.

A dental implant procedure involves the extraction of a broken tooth and a small surgery to fix the artificial root in the jawbone. The bone needs to be sufficient enough to set the implant screw. The patient’s overall health should be in place to undergo surgery. A dental surgeon may ask patients suffering from chronic disorders or undergoing radiation therapy for neck, and head areas to opt for more blood and other tests before the implant surgery to determine future prognosis.

The American Dental Association considers endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants as safe options. An endosteal implant involves the use of small screw-like artificial roots and cylinders. The subperiosteal alternative consists of a metal frame in the jawbone and posts on the top that serve as a platform for fake teeth.

Helps In Prevention Of Bone Loss

Chewing offers stimulation to the jawbone and the space created due to tooth extraction results in a reduction in stimulation. This triggers jawbone deterioration in the concerned part resulting in multiple negative side effects.

If the patient opts for an implant, the lost root is immediately replaced with an artificial one. Not just the chewing ability, but even the missing support for the jaw bone is restored with implants.

Adjacent Teeth Remain Stable

As mentioned earlier, tooth extraction results in the formation of a gap between two teeth and they slowly start shifting towards the hole. Such change in the position of even a single tooth can impact the person’s ability to bite within a few months resulting in food impaction between teeth or pain in the temporomandibular joint. It also affects the appearance of teeth. But, if the patient goes for a dental implant to replace the extracted tooth, these problems can be avoided.
Is Implant better than a root canal?

Dental implants and root canals enjoy almost the same success rate. The root canal is a more conservative option. However, in case of severe infection, fractured tooth, or infection in existing root canal treatment where the prognosis is poor, an implant is recommended to replace the tooth.

Dentist at Cosmetic Dentistry Roswell GA suggests, that implants need follow-up care, but they have a long life.

Better Than Removable Dentures

People facing financial limitations opt for removable dentures to restore their chewing ability. Compared to removable dentures, implants do not have durability issues. The stability of dentures and the use of adhesive pastes can be avoided with Implants or implant-supported dentures. Dentures offer poor chewing ability compared to the superior experience offered by implants.

Removable dentures also require more maintenance and care on a daily basis. Patient with implant needs to follow the usual flossing and brushing procedure. But, dentures, on the other hand, need to be removed and cleaned in a unique solution.

Helps In Controlling Pre-mature Aging

As mentioned earlier, missing teeth cause bone loss that triggers facial sagging, thinning lips, and excess wrinkles, resulting in premature aging. Thus, these days, cosmetic dentistry experts consider dental implants as a lifesaver. Implants help in controlling premature aging.


Adjacent teeth are not altered, ground, or adjusted while performing the dental implant procedure. This is not the case with dental bridging or similar tooth restoration processes that involve using other teeth as support for the new crown. Thus, the patient’s overall oral health improves drastically instead of getting impacted.

Dental implants use titanium root as their backbone. They mimic the natural structure, strengthen the jaw bone, and are designed to last longer. With proper oral hygiene, the implant can even last for a lifetime.

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