How Cosmetic Dentures Can Improve Your Oral Health After You Lose Your Teeth ?

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cosmetic dentures

When it comes to oral health, our teeth play an essential role in keeping us alive. Also, oral health is inevitable to keep your pearly whites free of any disease. The primary purpose of our teeth is to grid our food into smaller pieces before we swallow it. The set of teeth enable us to converse with clarity. Additionally, it helps us look attractive, but some of us require dentures.

Most people do not prioritize oral health. Only some of the people go to the dentist for regular checkups. According to a survey, most people responded that they had entered a dentist’s clinic only when they experienced pain in their teeth. Situations and diseases affect the teeth and gums, and it can result in their falling out. People should know that if they lose a tooth, then it’s gone forever. But there is a solution for it, and it is known as cosmetic dentures.

Advantages of having cosmetic dentures

If you lose a tooth, it can create many problems, as it can create difficulty in eating. Also, it can lead to poor health. If the person has more than one tooth missing, he will have a tough time chewing food properly and cannot enjoy his favorite dishes.

To resolve the problem, it is advised to have cosmetic dentures. It will enhance a person’s chewing ability. It is normal to feel excited that you can eat whatever dish you want, but we advise you to be careful about eating hastily when you have the dentures on for the first time. It will take some time and some practice to get habituated to eating meals while using the dentures.

It may occur that when you lose some teeth, you won’t be able to pronounce some words. You may struggle with speaking certain words. A complete set of cosmetic dentures teeth will be of excellent help in enabling you to talk clearly.

Last but not least, you will gain your self-confidence back and develop high self-esteem as the space in your mouth will get filled. It will enhance your confidence and will help you bring back your once bright smile.

Types of cosmetic dentures

There are two primary types of cosmetic dentures. These includes:

Partial dentures

A partial denture is a procedure for those who have some of their teeth together. It is generally a removable type of dentures. The particle dentures are made of plastic material or a metal framework.

Dentures that contain metal framework are usually a traditional type of dentures. This type of cosmetic dentures is considered more vital and inflexible as compared to plastic materials. You can use plastic cosmetic dentures as a temporary substitute for missing teeth.

Complete or Full cosmetic dentures

Dentists recommend complete or full cosmetic dentures to those who have lost all the teeth in one arch. This type of duplicate teeth uses a plastic base that is molded and colored to look like a gum tissue of a person.

How to keep your cosmetic dentures away from damage

Once you have come across your cosmetic dentures’ adjustment situation, the dentist will recommend that you remove your artificial teeth before going to sleep. It will help if you take extra care of your cosmetic dentures while removing and cleaning the dentures.

It is also advisable to practice a toothbrush with smooth bristles and a non-abrasive denture cleanser to maintain the dentures free from spots. Additionally, it is recommended by the top dentists to store the cosmetic dentures in a container, submerged in water or a denture cleaner when you are not using it. Always remember that you should not put dentures in hot water as the material will get deformed.

Additional things to expect when having cosmetic dentures

We can’t deny the fact that having cosmetic dentures could be uncomfortable for the first time. There is no need to worry as you will get used to it over time. You may experience some of the following issues for a few days or a week after getting dentures.

● Dislodging of dentures

● Gums that may be uncomfortable or sore

● Cracks in the artificial teeth

● Unpleasant odor coming from the false teeth

● Excessive production of saliva

You should regularly visit your dentist during the first month of using cosmetic dentures because if you may feel some excessive discomfort, then the problem can be solved early.

Bottom Line

Everyone should always practice good oral hygiene before placing your dentures and after removing it from your mouth. It is also advisable to brush the rest of the teeth you have and gargle thoroughly to get rid of plaque and bacteria.