How Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits Individuals?


The most common oral surgeries include wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafting, and dental sedation. But the good news is, that advancements in oral dental care and science have led to the use of innovative and minimally invasive treatment procedures. This means pain-free procedures and speedy treatment and recovery.

Given below are some of the benefits and uses of the combination of oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry

Teeth Extraction: Teeth extraction is the number one procedure carried out on children in hospitals according to the data by NHS Digital. Extracting damaged, decayed, or broken teeth is done under local anesthesia and a certain amount of bone around the tooth is preserved to allow replacement with implants or dentures.

Tooth extraction is also conducted to remove the loose tooth, impacted wisdom teeth, or any other condition that may lead to dental crowding or misalignment.

More than Healthy Teeth: Oral cosmetic surgeries are not just limited to teeth correction and extraction. It includes many procedures such as soft tissue grafts, correction of a gummy smile, treatment of conditions like oral soft tissue lesions, birth defects like cleft lip or palate, and other disorders affecting the craniofacial tissues.

Overcoming Depression and Self-esteem Issues: Most teenagers and young adults are apprehensive about the look of their teeth and it affects their self-confidence and interaction with people. Changing dimensions of dental aesthetics is a major cause behind advanced oral cosmetic surgeries. Injuries, dental diseases, and disorders in the craniofacial complex (oral, dental, and craniofacial tissues) impact the overall appearance of an individual driving them to develop poor self-esteem or low confidence. Oral cosmetic surgery helps people overcome these issues with corrective treatments such as braces, veneers, teeth whitening, and soft tissue alignment.

Restore oral function: Basic functions like chewing, swallowing, speaking, and smiling without any internal pain or discomfort are the greatest advantage of getting an appropriate oral cosmetic procedure such as occlusal equilibration, mouth guard, braces, or Invisalign. It can address conditions that are critical to basic functions and facial expressions.

With all the advanced technology and research Oral cosmetic surgery has a very high success rate. However, according to the best cosmetic dentist Roswell GA the success rate of surgeries depends on the severity of the issue, overall patient health, and compliance.

So here are some of the factors you may want to consider before getting oral cosmetic surgery:

1. Risk Assessment: It is important to be aware of the impending risks or side effects of

surgery and assess the prognosis of the treatment.

2. Postoperative Healing: With the advanced technologies available in dentistry, most cosmetic surgeries are done with minimally invasive procedures which allows faster healing with minimal pain and postoperative complications.

3. Treatment Cost and Insurance Coverage: Many adults put off getting a dental treatment on time due to high treatment costs and financial limitations. There are many financially affordable Cosmetic options available to achieve a healthy beautiful smile. With different cosmetic treatment options, the patient can decide on long-term prognosis and affordability. Ask us if you have dental insurance coverage for any particular service and how you would benefit from our financial options.

The community of dental and oral health is developing at a staggering rate. The complications in procedures are reducing and the availability of affordable, oral cosmetic surgery and treatment options are reason enough to achieve long-term desired cosmetic treatment.

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