Know Every Crucial Aspects Of The Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth have developed a reputation as troublemakers. In spite of maintaining proper oral hygiene, these teeth go on a self-destruction mode.

Are third molars more prone to infections?

The wisdom teeth appear at the back of the gums on the upper and lower jaw and are also referred to as third molars. They appear when the person reaches adulthood and can prove to be troublemakers if they are misaligned. These teeth are not necessary when it comes to chewing food.

During the teenage years, an individual’s adult teeth are already in place. Thus, in some cases, third molars do not find sufficient room to grow appropriately, and they end up emerging partially.

Wisdom teeth remain most venerable to plague and bacteria due to the lack of room for the toothbrush bristles to reach them while cleaning. In the US, more than 10 million such molars are extracted each year due to infections.

Partially emerged wisdom teeth can even end up damaging the adjacent second molars. If the third molar is misaligned, it may attract bacteria, further resulting in a build-up of plaque. If ignored, the plague can trigger decay, cellulitis, and other infections. The bacteria from such teeth may enter the patient’s bloodstream if left untreated for several months.
So, in case the individual feels pain in the back tooth or has swollen gum tissue nearby the same, the person should immediately opt for a dental checkup.

Dentists look for various infection symptoms and the affected tooth’s alignment. If necessary, they might recommend the patient opt for an x-ray of the mouth. Depending on the condition, the dental care experts suggest treatment options, including the removal of the tooth.

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Is wisdom tooth removal essential?

The APHA (American Public Health Association) experts suggest people should not opt for surgery and remove the wisdom teeth unless they show the symptoms of any disease or cause pain. But, in case the concerned tooth is wholly or even partially impacted by infection, surgery happens to be the only option.

Most oral surgeons recommend that misaligned third molars should be removed during teenager itself instead of waiting. Tooth removal surgery is considered less complicated in younger patients and the damages caused by the infection heal quickly. Unfortunately, people ignore the early signs of the problems. They wait until the associated pain becomes unbearable and the tooth becomes completely non-functional.
Coronectomy procedure instead of extraction

The x-ray of the tooth will help the surgeon to understand if the roots of the tooth are wrapped around any critical nerves. If the roots are found to be too close, the dentist may suggest the patient opt for coronectomy procedure instead of tooth extraction. In the coronectomy procedure, only the tooth’s crown is removed while the roots are left intact.

Surgery and post-operation care

In case the third molar has developed a complicated infection, the dental care expert would probably treat the disease with antibiotics and perform the surgery only after the infection is healed.

As this type of tooth is embedded in the bone, it has to be removed in parts. After the extraction of the third molar, the patient may experience swelling and pain for a few days. Dentists recommend painkillers for relief during the concerned period. The surgery can be a simple procedure if the tooth to be extracted happens to be fully visible. But, if it has partially emerged, the dental surgeon needs to get rid of the bone and gum tissue around the tooth. Administering sedatives/anesthesia becomes essential in such cases.

Local anesthesia, conscious sedation (oral medication), laughing gas, and intravenous (IV) sedation, are the most commonly used sedation options. The patient needs to inform the surgeon in advance if he or she is allergic to anesthesia so that alternative arrangements can be made in advance.

Post-surgery, it is advisable not to consume stuff that is too hot or cold for a few days. Don’t go for chewy foods, and crunchy items like chips, popcorn, as well as other spicy stuff to avoid irritation.

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Some people do prove to be fortunate enough as all four of their third molars manage to erupt fully without causing problems to other teeth. However, special care needs to be taken while brushing to ensure that the brush reaches the last teeth as well. Such persons still need to remain vigilant and opt for regular dental checkups as well.