Here’s how to consider if you need an implant or root canal

Dental implant vs root canal

Dental problems are a big problem these days. You may have tooth injury, decay, or any other issue, which needs to be treated quickly and appropriately. Among all dental treatments whether to choose a root canal or dental implant is one of the major concerns of most people. Both treatments are performed to improve your oral health and appearance. However, there are a number of factors that contribute to the final decision. In this article, we are presenting a general overview of both dental procedures, which will give you an idea to select the best treatment to improve your dental health. 

Root Canal

A root canal is a dental process that removes the pulp (center part of the tooth) when it is injured, infected, or inflamed. This dental treatment is performed to preserve the tooth’s natural structure and prevent damage to the nearby teeth. 

Advantages of root canal

Preserve natural tooth

When comparing a dental implant with a root canal, the main advantage is that you maintain your original tooth with a root canal. Hence, less further complications or damage to the nearby tooth or gums. 

Cost-effective alternative

A root canal treatment is relatively cheaper than dental implants. Also, most insurance covers the cost of root canals and crowns, while coverage for implants is harder to find.

Less time-consuming process

The root canal procedure takes less time than a dental implant. It usually requires one or two appointments and probably waits a short period to get a permanent crown. In the meantime, a temporary crown will help be fixed. 

Painless dental process

A root canal process is mostly painless with a quick and smooth recovery process. Since your tooth will not be removed, you do not have to worry about feeling extracting while your dentist performs the procedure. 

Drawbacks of root canal

Tooth damage 

One downside of a root canal is that there is some risk to your tooth that you want to preserve. If your dentist discovers that tooth decay is severe, then a root canal can’t save your tooth, and you need to have a tooth extraction. 


Complications can also occur after the procedure. For instance, a problem like abscesses can appear if not all of the infected pulp is removed. This suggests requiring an extraction.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most imminent you can get to natural and healthy teeth. They enable you to maintain or improve facial structure, aiding in boosting your confidence with a beautiful smile. 

The aesthetics works

While you want to get rid of the natural tooth, you will get aesthetics with a dental implant. Your dentist will precisely craft the tooth and make its color match your existing teeth, and try to make it look as natural as possible.

Well-functioning of tooth

Dental implants give a high level of functionality, which might not be achieved by root canal treatment. You do not need to compromise in your diet, and your speech will not be altered at all. In fact, dental implants offer more convenience than real teeth.

Implant last longer

If you are looking for a long term benefit, dental implants id for you. They can last you for much longer than a root canal and crown. With a low failure rate and minimal complications, dental implants are popular among people of young ages. On the other side, you might need to replace the crown after 5 to fifteen years, after a root canal procedure. 

Drawbacks of a Dental Implant

Undoubtedly, dental implants will improve your appearance and offer ease on chewing; there is some downside you may want to consider before choosing the dental implants

Time-consuming dental procedure

Another drawback is that the process is extensive. Initially, the natural tooth needs to be removed. Then, once your gums heal, your dentist will proceed further. Usually, you have to frequently visit a dental clinic to adjust your jawbone for the dental implant and monitor recovery after the procedure. 

Longer recovery

While you undergo dental implants, you need to spend time between various treatment phases waiting for your mouth to heal. Also, you need to deal with pain and swelling along with modification in your diet. Overall, the recovery after dental implants is longer than an ordinary dental procedure. 

Root Canal vs. Implant: Make your choice

Your dentist is the right person to suggest whether you need a root canal or dental implants. Your decision will usually depend on criteria such as budget, dental issues, and other preferences.

If you have a fracture or severely damaged tooth, dental implants are preferred, while for decayed teeth root canal is suggested. Again, let your dentist decide which one is the best for you; however, you can express your opinion! Dental treatments should be performed by an expert and experienced dentist. TruCare Dentistry offers the best possible treatment for all your dental problems. Whether you are seeking the best root canal dentist in Roswell GA, or treatment for dental implants in Roswell GA, we can provide you the best possible dental treatments for people of all ages.