What’s CAD/CAM Dentistry? How has it become more significant during the COVID-19 crisis?

These days, maintaining physical distance and following other safety protocols is a must while in public places. Besides crowded areas, some people avoid going out of the house altogether unless it is too important to do so. Similarly, patients wish … Continued

Can regular dental visits prove helpful in controlling more significant oral health issues?

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Several people prefer to visit a dental clinic only after something goes wrong. A preventive approach is least appreciated in most countries around the world. The ADA-American Dental Association recommends patients visit their dental clinic at least once in six … Continued

What are the treatment options for deep cavities and related teeth damage?

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Also referred to as caries or tooth decay, dental cavities are holes or tiny openings on the tooth enamel. Tooth decay happens to be one of the world’s most reported dental issues. It affects individuals from every age group. Some … Continued